my thought on Christmas

Yuletide greetings

at the tender age of 23 I find myself at somewhat as a quandary with Christmas no longer holding the same excitement for me. That unbridled excitement of youth has left me, I no longer get giddy with excitement and my new years eve is more of a social event with my friends than a stray awake as late as possible to try and catch sight of Santa night.

I know this is nothing new I’m older now and I no that Santa doesn’t exist, I no that Christmas is just a commercial adventure and that the season of goodwill that we paint it as is more of a aspiration than a actual state of mind. I like all that tough some may call me a grinch but I miss that youthful innocence towards Christmas I miss excitement and this pains me.

My Christmas eve excitement has been replaced with a very nice sing song down the pub with my friends my Christmas has become more of a family reunion. I like this this sing-along in the local is awesome and seeing all my family is great I just miss that Christmassy feeling of yester year.

New year now plays a more important part of year than Christmas, new years really is a time for friends and family of coming together and looking at the year that has pasted and leaving it there. Its a time for looking forward a time of good conversation and good drinking and this is the only holiday to me that seem truly sincere.

Well I guess I’m just getting old and am starting to notice the changes more and I am very happy with the current Christmas I’m happy spending time with my friends and family and in the end isn’t that what Christmas is all about?


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