My new years resolution.

New years revolutions are delightful and should be about self improvement not just for ones self but for one how one treats the world(a bit gay). So on that note I have decided to list my new year resolutions:

  • give up coca cola

    • I have a huge dependence on caffeine and its starting to effect my sleep pattern and there nothing wrong with a little self improvement.

  • Learn a musical instrument

    • I have decided to learn to play the guitar, this is something I have wanted to do for a long time and I have heard that learning a instrument is great way to improve your focus. I am a very unfocused person and think a learning the guitar will help me with this. There is a problem with this one and that is that I lack any musical skill or coordination of any kind. I’m clumsy tone death and am the worst dancer you will ever meet it will be interesting to see how this one pans out.

  • Take time for myself.

    • This sounds somewhat vague but the simple fact is I have huge social fatigue. I spend too much time “interacting” with my friends on facebook and other social networks that I very rarely see them in real life. I have decided that one day a week I shall not use these networks or text messages at all. I wish I could give up the whole computer thing but it is kinda necessary for university. There are off course rules to this no internet and all text messages must be replied to via a actual phone call this should hopefully help elevate my social fatigue.

  • To move all my media to digital

    • I have been backing up all my CDs and DVDs for a long time and considering I very rarely watch DVDs on my TV or listen to music on my stereo I have decided to move completely digital. DVD and CD have just become a vehicle I tolerate until I can get my data into a much more usable digital form. This was inspired by Andy Ithako of and his year without physical media. This is my computer resolution so all music, movies,books,magazines and television series shall all be consumed digital via service such as itunes.

A nice variety of new year resolutions there I shall be talking about them throughout the year especially the going digital one because I think that may be the most difficult.

I have put these up because making them public will give me a huge incentive to make sure I do them.


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