My mother reads this.

when i started this blog well over 2 years ago i had no idea what i wanted to do with it and as a result i very really updated it either. this was not the only example of my lack of focus towards my blog some of my friends would ask me about it and i would simply remark to them that it was in some backwater of the internet. i liked writing up my ideas but the idea of people actually reading it and commenting on it was a scary concept to say the least.

would they enjoy it?

was my writing good enough?

that was until recently when several things have happened, firstly i linked my blog to my face book and twitter pages meaning that they would tweet and update my status when i new blog post was published. this was my first foray into making my blog public and has garnered some interesting response from many of my friends. they have been quite complimentary which off course has only helped my confidence and encourages me to write more. these people have also help me improve my blog and i can really see how my writing is improving, i seem to make less and less mistakes with every new post and by making myself write something everyday i think I’m becoming better and as i run out of things to write about it causing me to be quite creative.

the second thing i did was to undertake the one a day challenge, this is the process of writing something anything once a day and i think this is one of the most challenging and brilliant thing i have ever done.

although I’m happy to be writing and the new found creativity it has brought me there is one problem. it appears as tough people are actually reading this and that is far more scary than when it was just some random thing in the middle of the internet somewhere. i have a consistent number of visitors, it appears as tough I’m building an audience and although i don’t think they have many expectations about what I’m going to write its strangely gave me expectations on what i should write.


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