Totally random 12 o’clock blog

hello there internet.

it has been a long time since i last communicated with you and i assure you i have a very good reason, this reason in no way involves not having much to say or in anyway leading a less than exciting life were nothing happens. ok, truth is that was a very clever ploy to throw you off the scent. did it work?

so back on to the subject at hand and that is a random sleep deprived blog post to fill you all in on what has been a rather dull and uneventful couple of months.

Firstly having no money is one of the worse things imaginable and i’m not just talking about not having enough to go on the piss but I’m talking about not having enough to do any thing with even food shopping becoming an optional activity. This has solved its self now and I’m glad to say that money should start flowing back into my bank account very soon.

Despite having very little money tat usually doesnt affect my ability to blog but having no interent sure does. I have recently moved house and am currently waiting for the internet to be installed, Apparently this is a vital component to blogging. ( who knew)

I recently went to see status quo and have got to say that those old guys can really rock and has got to be one of the best concerts i have ever seen with a few notable exceptions (more on that later). This is not the only concert to come about during this month though with zappa playing zappa, mumford and sons and paul weller all in my near future i think the possibility for boredom are slowly diminishing.

On the subject of music i thought i would just write down what i’m currently listening to:

steely dan

laura marling

the subways


mumford and sons

sorry to ramble on so heres some flowers so at least this post had a point 😀


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