No one likes a good karaoke singer.

well i’ve tried my hands at many things in my life and i have come to a rather depressing conclusion i am unremarkable at most things with the exception of with a few things. bullshitting come to mind for some unknown reason. i have always been quite an unremarkable person average height, average build *cough cough* but i have come to accept this unremarkability with time.

Sure i tried to hide it for many years i tried sports and those of you who know me know that i was rather unsuccessful at that. i tried to be musically minded but apparently that rhyme, rhyme is also required in dancing and no one likes the fast dancing guy but i say fuck that no one likes the good dancer, no one likes the good singer but everyone especially god loves a tryer. if your too good at something then the fun is removed from it and by showing everyone up there fun is removed as well. so i hereby pledge to dance more to sing more and most importantly drink more for that is what living is all about and if i do it badly so be it, just think of it making you look better.

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