Why the original star wars is the greatest film ever

As i stated in an earlier post i am very unremarkable and as a result my favourite film of is a rather unremarkable choice of star wars. this is considered by many to be the greatest film of all time and i consider myself one of those select few. i am not a massive film i have no idea what cinematoghy is or what the different kinds of camera angles or production values but i do now a good story if i see one.

I’m sure there are films with better stories, better production values, better direction but quite frankly i couldn’t care less because no film has ever had a greater effect on than star wars. i remember getting this on vhs (showing my age) and obsessively watching it over and over again till i ruined the tapes. these film opened my eyes to sci fi, to comic book and to all things alternative and despite George Lucas’s obsessive need to ruin it with prequels and constant “digital remastery” it remains a very important part of childhood.

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