Doctor who episode 2-day of the moon

The second part of this season opener takes place 3 months after the events of the previous episode with the doctor’s three companions being hunted down by a government agency. Captain Everett Delaware the third (see I’m not the only one) is in charge of the round up and the cover up that is too follow but as Amy points out he has zero idea why he’s doing it, he is under the influence of some strange alien force that is guiding his actions subconsciously. This cover up involves the killing off Amy, Rory and river which he does successfully by shooting the first two river jumps from a 50th storey to evade her would be killers. Although Captain Everett goes to great pain to kill his human companions he does not kill the doctor who is imprisoned in area 5, more covert undercover reference in this series, I’m starting to see a pattern. In area 51 they are building a “perfect” prison for the doctor to which he proudly boast “even this will not hold me”. Despite this bold claim by the doctor it is hard to believe that there is much hope left in this situation, has the doctor lost?


Before I go any further I wish to just talk about something’s that I noticed that made me laugh and annoyed me at the same time. Firstly after two months the doctor has grown a beard and can I just be the first to say that this does not look real. I think it’s well established that this is the youngest doctor that has ever been and I don’t think he’s capable of growing a beard in real life so why give his character one? I think the beard is there to show how much time has gone by but I think it just looks ridiculous, I don’t think anyone would have cared had the producers decided to retain matt’s boyish good looks and I certainly now I few ladies who would have most defiantly liked him to keep the beard off completely.


Despite the beard I think matt smith is doing a superb job as the doctor and is really coming into his own. He has moved away from David tenant who let’s be frank was a fantastic doctor and started to make the character his own. In the last season I felt that he was trying too hard to emulate David rather than forging ahead with his own doctor. The beauty of each doctor is that each doctor as well as being physically unique is also somewhat unique in the personality stakes. Every doctor is different allowing the actor who plays them a somewhat free reign on what they can make the character. I find this doctor just the right amount of seriousness with just enough kooky after taste and just the right amount of smugness and superiority. I think he may even surpass David tenant given enough time.


It seems to me that the writers have a slight obsession with bowties, whenever they wish to convey a character that is a bit kooky or strange they put him in a bow tie, while there more straight laced members of the cast and society are placed in a tie. The silence spend their whole time in black suits and ties while those who subvert power are in a bow tie. The doctor is in a bowtie while Nixon and his cronies are all in ties, it seems that in the world of doctor who those who define order and normality are placed in black ties and suits while those who are maybe less authoritarian wear bowties. Who knows I may be clutching at straws because I also have an obsession with bowties and I want people to look at me and think I’m a fearless bastard who subverts the authoritarian nature of this country but unfortunately that just not the case I think.



The confusion surrounding what to do with Rory continues in this episode and he’s just relegated to being comic value. The earliest scene of Rory is off him crying and the last scene is off him listening in on Amy conversation and looking totally perplexed. This is fine in my opinion but Rory just becomes a annoying about half way through this episode when Amy is kidnapped, after this he just becomes a statue that stands around looking scared and waiting for Amy or making sanctimonious speeches about how they love each other and how they will find each other. This is for all the house wives in the audience I’m sure, I have no doubt and I’m sure that it hit a note for all the romantics in the audience but I just found it tedious and cliché. He just comes across likes he accompanying Amy to a wedding and has no idea what to do when she leaves him at the bar to do her weddingly duties so stands there looking hopefully for others to help him and come and talk to him.


There were many questions put forward in the first episode of this series and the most prominent mostly because it was the last question that was asked in the previous episode was Amy pregnancy. This episode is most definitely an Amy episode with many of the biggest moments involving Amy. In this episode Amy starts to see things and has some kind of unknown connection to the child in the space suit, why does she have pictures with Amy and who is this mysterious face peeping through the hole? It appears as though much like the last series and many of the series before it will be the companions that define this series rather than the doctor himself which is a shame because I think matt is doing a Stella job.


There are lots of horror references in this episode of doctor which I also found somewhat unusual for doctor who but I must admit that I found it rather refreshing as well. The orphanage in this episode is indicadent of so many horror films and that moment when Amy looks up and sees the silence asleep on the ceiling like bees in a pod was rather terrifying. This added to the being trapped in the house has a very b-movie horror feeling about it but I’m starting to think that I may be going senile and looking into these episodes with far too much of a critical eye.


The biggest mystery off the last episode was that of the space man and at the in this series it is finally revealed that the person occupying this suit and surprise it’s the little girl who kept ringing President Nixon. This obsession is getting somewhat out of hand but it turns out that this girl is somehow connected to none other than Amy pond. When they find the girl they discover that she has been living in an orphanage and is looked after by the silence but even stranger than that is the pictures of the little girl and Amy that are on a dressing table in the room. As many of you may now Amy fired a shot at the space suit at the end of the first episode and the cliff-hanger was whether or not the suit survived, well I’m sorry to spoil the surprise but it most certainly did and it turns out that it was a little girl in the spacesuit. Later in the episode also it turns out that the suit was capable of walking by its self and had swallowed the little girl in order to save her. This leads me to an interesting thought who was in the suit when it killed the doctor at the beginning of the series? Was it the suit acting alone or was the little girl in it? These are the only revelations that are made about the girl it is also hinted upon that she may be something more that human, she was able to claw herself free of the space suit, which as the doctor pointed out would off taken a great deal of strength from a child. This could been seen as the girl processing strength that is not human and he being something more than human, this added to the fact that she regenerated at the end of the episode only adds fuel to the internet speculation about who she is. The doctor also points out the importance of this child with a rather throwaway line about they will no doubt see the child again.


I think I have digressed enough at this point and would like to get back to the main point of this blog and I think I left off with the doctor being imprisoned in the ultimate prison with the dead bodies off Amy and Rory. Then Delaware closes the door and the reveal is made the he has been working with the doctor all along most properly in an effort to confuse the silence. But what use is this deception inside the most perfect prison unless the tardis is hidden there in stealth mode, oh wait it is. Quentin killing all of the companions was just a very convenient way to bring all the people back together in order to exchange intel and what they discover and that is that the silence have been here a long time. “We aren’t fighting an invasion we are starting a revolution against and occupying force”. As well as being here a long time it is also revealed that they have the ability to influence human actions when there looking at them and that they have been doing this for a very long time in fact as was later revealed they have been doing this since the fire and the wheel. After they exchange intel they go off and seek out the girl and a local orphanage and this is where they find the pictures and where Amy is kidnapped both of which I have already gone over. This orphanage also marks the second time one of are heroes has come into contact with the silence and this time it would prove disastrous for the silence. Quentin and the silence have a altercation were the silence proudly proclaim that they have ruled this world since the start of civilisation and how they don’t need weapons to which Delaware proudly pulls out his gun and proclaims welcome to America, the Americans and their guns aye. This does give them access to a live silence though that they can exploit to their advantage but I shall not divulge what they do for fear of spoiling the story for everyone but he proves very important in the grand scheme of things.


All this leads to a rather brilliant climax in which we finally get to see the bad ass side of river song. In this scene she successfully dispatches a room full of silence and the doctor not wishing to be upstaged tries to help with his sonic screwdriver but just ends up being more of a hindrance than a help and in the end is relegated to driving the tardis. This once again shows the doctor being inferior to river and that may go some way to explain why he finds her so captivating and allows her to go on their many different adventures and puts up with her interfering ways. Actually there relationships is starting to sound a lot like a marriage but I’m sure there something more than meets the eye cos moffat would never have it be something as simple as them being married. This episode also sees the first kiss between the pair and in an unusual turn of events its turns out to be river’s last kiss with the doctor and the doctors first kiss with her. This whole time travelling thing where they appear to meet each other in reverse must be killer on their relationship.


The question of Amy pregnancy came up again in this episode at the beginning were Amy informed the doctor that she was no longer pregnant but the tardis can’t quite make up its mind whether she is or not. It keeps switching between positive and negative which only opens up a new can of worms in regards to the mystery girl that has a picture of Amy on her bed side table. I really enjoyed this episode and look forward to the next one although I have found out that it will break from the story in exchange for something light hearted and all I can say to that is boo. Please keep the interesting stories coming so that I can keep writing about them and hopefully people will keep reading about them because Saturday is now a date night with doctor who night in the bailey household because this is looking to be the best series ever.


I am aware that this blog has gone on for a very long time and you’ve had to read it but please dear reader feel for me the one who had to write it but these are to be my final points on day of the moon. The history nerd in me loves the little nods to history captain Delaware really was leader actually invented the idea of a videophone in 1967 something that we see him using tin this episode. I also quite liked the fact that Nixon was being shown to be a narcist and asking the doctor if people will remember him was a sheer stroke of genius, also the doctor saying say hi to frost for me made the history nerd in me jump for joy because let’s be honest Nixon was not a very nice president and history shall not remember him fondly but you can be sure of something it certainly won’t forget him anytime soon.

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