A little update

Well after making such a grandiose statement about wanting to blog more, needing to blog and very much intending on doing both of these thing my laptop decided that it was no longer a necessary part of my life. This has somewhat limited my ability to blog, Apparently a laptop and an internet connection is a necessary part of this whole blogging thing and only having access to one has made my blogging life somewhat difficult to maintain. the only computer that i have access to at the moment is my mothers 5 year old macbook with a faulty keyboard. The keys are prone to stick and the letter p has completely given up meaning that in order to compose anything with the letter p requires a lot of pasting on my behalf. Needless to say this has made my job very much difficult this coupled with me working means that writing a blog with substances very difficult, all this working is very much necessary because accumulated some debt, Don’t ever get a credit card they are not worth the hassle. Don’t get me wrong i still love to blog and i am in no way making any excuses for my lack of content but i feel its important for me to  keep what few reader i have in the loop.

After an initial set back i have successfully now entered my third year of uni and am rather looking forward to it even if my future commute is going to somewhat longer than i had before. I have gone from a 20 minute commute to uni, that includes getting up and getting ready, I know its a little slobbish but thats what university is all about after all. My new commute is an hour and a half without getting ready. That means that in order for me to make it to my 9 o clock lectures i must leave at 7 and endure what can all be described as torture in the form of hyperactive pubescent children who quiet frankly shouldn’t be that active that early in the morning. Again i digress but i have a habit of doing that so i can i can be forgiven but now comes the most important part of this blog. The part in which i reveal my big future plan, see what i did their, thats call a tease.

Those of you who know me know i have had the dream of traveling the world for a very long time and this summer after i have graduated uni i am going to make that happen. The increased commute that i now have to endure is due to the fact that i am moving back in with my parents in order to save up as much money as possible. I have been planning this trip on and off since i was 15 and i feel that now is the perfect time to go. I have decided that if i don’t do it now i never will, i have decided to start my journey in australia. this is somewhat of a safety net for me because i have been there before so i know what to expect, this coupled with the fact that i have family there to bail me out if anything goes wrong makes it simplest option. australia is also a very easy option because for the most part it culture and off course language is that off Britain, meaning that when i go i know what the food is going to be, unless you include some of the more weirder local species and off course they speak the languages of my ancestors which makes life somewhat easier. i hope to use australia as a staging ground to help me go on to greater and better things.

well here you are all caught up on what is currently happening in my life and i have not forgotten my promises that i have made to you but give me time to get my life into order.


2 thoughts on “A little update

  1. Its good to see you back writing again, hopefully you will continue when you venture out to Australia, now there is a platform for some interesting posts. I admire you for pursuing your dreams. keep up the good work Paul.

  2. i will indeed be blogging when i head out there mate but i have set up a different blog for such things.

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