In which i let my deeply hidden geeky side come to the surface.

Two things happen this week that were rather interesting, The first was that i started my third year of university and once again found my love for history. The second was very much and unexpected and that was a tax rebate off the government. This was wonderful because as some of you will all ready know my computer decided to break over the summer. (read link) This money while not enough to buy me a top of the range computer is was still enough to buy me a half decent second hand one and after scouring the internets i found one that meet my needs. I’m not going to bore you with the specs all’s you have to know is that its a hp and is very capable of doing all the things i needed it to do, such as get on the internet and create word document.



Also my computer comes with windows seven and windows seven is far more user friendly but unlike the great sheldon cooper i like it. This brings me on to an interesting idea that i have and that about starting a fresh. when ever i get a new computer i don’t bother to install from backup, instead i just start again from the very beginning in order to have a clear out some of the crap and somehow i find myself installing the same five pieces of software. those pieces of software are:

Google chrome


I know Google chrome is somewhat of a new release but i have always installed a web browser when i first get my computer, Before Google chrome it was Firefox  and before Firefox it was Opera. The reason for this is two fold, Firstly internet explorer was dangerous too use until quite recently meaning i have simply got into the habit this coupled with the fact that i have backed up my usernames, passwords and bookmarks in the cloud for as long as it has been available makes a new browser a must have. I have done this for so long that i am completely incapable of logging into any service that i use without the password that i have backed up online, this is also true usernames and everything so Google chrome couple with lastpass and foxmarks are the first things i install.



Its a bittorrent client and i us it download things, i choose this one because its small and supports rss which means that i download all my tv shows automatically and never have to worry about missing them. The beauty of the internet.

windows live writer


Another short one here, i use this to update my blog, This very blog your reading i fact. I have some plugins installed that automatically apply tags to my posts and automatically send links to all my social networks. This isn’t something that is hard to do but if i can get to the point were its is all done automatically then it just makes my life somewhat easier and helps save me time because the one thing you cant get back is wasted time.



Let me just clarify that I hate iTunes, I think it’s is a bloated piece of crap that has no place on any windows pc and if you can avoid installing it do. Unfortunately for me tough I am the proud owner of an Ipod classic  so I’m stuck with it. This software is actually quite good on the Mac but it has nothing but problems on windows and it’s the worst kind of resource hog. if I didn’t love my iPod and the whole iTunes eco system then I wouldn’t install iTunes I have tried many alternatives to iTunes but I keep coming back because I love my iPod and iTunes store. That is the true value of iTunes it’s not in its music management or film manage but in the iPod and the sheer amount of content that it has available on it service without these two thing i would never use this software.


i use it to discover new music, i used to use spotify and for a time was very much in love with it (link here) but they have made some choices that have annoyed me recently. Choices like requiring me to use facebook in order to use them and therefore spamming my friends with constant updates of what I’m listening too. I know i have a habit of updating my status a lot but this just reeks of overkill for me so know i use in my own blissful bubble.

you can find my profile at if your interested

This is not the first time i have done something like this, I did it previously and you can find it here and you’ll find that some of the software is repeated but that only goes to prove how invaluable i think it is.

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