justice league secret origin movie review

Now its no secret that I’m a huge fan of comic books and this television series is the reason that i like them. This series started when i was in school and i used to watch them on cartoon network every weeknight because i wasn’t very popular and also a massive nerd. This movie collects the first 3 episodes of that series and joins them together to explain the origin of the justice league. This origin story is your typical one of all the super heroes coming together to defend earth against an alien invasion. This origin story has been told been a lot since this film but this is the first instance, These later origin stories are better in my opinion but none of them would have been possible without this one and if you like justice league you’ll enjoy this.

When you have a movie with this many characters its kind of hard for anyone but the most well known members of the ensemble to get much airtime but this film does the balancing act very well. You get a clear sense of what each character can do and a general idea of what each character is about. The one exception to this though is wonder women who i felt did not reflect what her character is all about but they would make a change to her later on and I’m happy they did.

so overall this is a fun Sunday afternoon film that’s fun and requires very little effort on your behalf to understand and if your a comic fan you’ll no doubt enjoy it. Its fun simple and get straight to the point, this is definitely one for comic book fans only.


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