Facebook hate list

Recently Facebook has started to become far more annoying and time consuming, the time consuming is off course down to university and its total lack of respect for my social life because as the old joke goes “if my degree was in Facebook I’d get a first”. I really can’t wait for the day when I can stop moaning about university in my blogs but sadly that day is not today. The former of those comments though is the one that is starting to get the better of me, all of Facebook’s attempts to get more information about us under the guise of making it easier to share have only made idiots, racists and xenophobic morons become more prominent because low and behold because idiots and Facebook make interesting bed fellows and idiots like the comfort of other idiots to make themselves feel better about the state of their lives and the shitty decision they have made. The immediate nature of Facebook has made only aided in making this the sound board for the idiots of the world, this is the 21st century of the preacher on the street. So here are a few of my gripes.
The rampant racism
Now I’m not talking about the close to the line racism that most of us witness every day and what most of us have a secret chuckle to ourselves about but the type of casual racism that has begun to infest my newsfeed. This is off course down to the idiots of the world yet again who are far than happy to share the lies and propaganda of the bnp and edl who are all too happy to use social platforms to spread there lies, and those whose lives have not gone according to plan (I would just like to ask whose life has gone exactly the way they planned?) are all too happy to hit that share button because hey blaming someone else when you can’t be arsed is far easier than getting off your arse and changing yourself. I used to comment and generally trying to re-educate these people but I have become tired of all the abuse that I get and of generally being ignored. I guess some people don’t like the truth and in the words of the late great Douglas Adams “these bi-pedal creatures will believe everything there told” and nowhere is this truer than Facebook.
There has become a new idea recently that a relationship doesn’t really exist until its Facebook official is a peculiar one to me. I was under the impression that a relationship is between two people and not the whole world, I find it quite funny that these people that openly display their relationship on Facebook and invite other people into that relationship are the first people to bitch and moan when people take them up on the offer. If you don’t want people to get involved in your relationship then don’t advertise it to everyone, it’s called a private life for a reason.
Keeping on the subject of couples, I thought that Facebook had a private chat function? Oh what it does? Then could you please kindly fuck off and have your arguments on it. Now I know that you think it’s easier to have that argument over each other’s wall but I don’t care much about your trivial life’s and I’m pretty sure I don’t need 20 wall posts about it in one hour. This is surely the 21st century version of the drunken argument in your front garden. Wow I really have a hang up about couples on Facebook don’t I? Oh well in keeping with my previous statements, if I don’t want to see your arguments what makes you think I want to see your declarations of love? Newsflash you’ve been going out 2 weeks you are not in love and trying to prove you are just makes you look sad, pathetic and insecure. Tell him not me because I can assure you I couldn’t care less.
Now what naturally follows couples? Yeah you guessed it babies. Now this one is rather unjust of me because I get that your proud of your and that you think they are the most beautiful creature in the world but that does not mean I want to see 50 photos a day from 50 different angles one is more than enough thank you. Also a picture of your prodigy is not you please don’t put it as your profile picture.
Attention seeking whores
This one’s pretty self-explanatory, if it’s not the 14 year old girls trying to get likes with things like “like this and I will marry you”, I understand that they are young and they don’t know any better and let’s be honest we were all pretty hungry for attention at that age. No by far the most fist clenchingly annoying has got to be the ones that take pictures in a bikini or some other state of undress with the tag line “I’m fat” but what’s more sad than that? Are the perverted lads that comment on it trying to get into her knickers. Firstly love put your top on I am on my computer and I can find naked pictures of far prettier girls with a simple Google search and they aren’t in it for the comments, now for the boys here’s a little bit of advice no one’s likes desperation, go outside to the pub maybe and meet some new people I guarantee you’ll have fun.
Now to say that women are the only ones guilty of this is a lie because unfortunately boys are just as guilty as the girls. I have also seen many men with topless photos “flexing” for all the girls and showing off there so called six pack, newsflash you’re not Aston dickhead you’re a white boy from a council estate with no teeth and the only women who has ever slept with you were only the most drug addled wrongen. In keeping with my previous statements about idiots on Facebook, your also not gansta, you are aware that your Facebook profile is set to open by default right? With that in mind I’d recommend deleting all those photos of you with any kind of drug parfailnar.
The old school “friends”
The conversation goes something like this
Them: hi
Me: hi
Them: how are you?
Me: good you?
Them: excellent what you been up too?
Me : I explain what I’ve been up to
And the conversation ends.
Or if it doesn’t end then I have to have the most dreaded of conversation ever, the why have we not seen each other in years?
The simple answer to this is that you’re a twat and I never liked you when we were in school so I’m pretty sure I won’t like you now. I mean come on man we live on the same street and I’ve not bothered to keep in touch with you, so why add me I don’t care about you. If I wanted to keep in touch I would have knocked on your door every so often. The most depressing part of that conversation though is how little I now have in common with people I used to associate with and how little they have grown, why must everything still continue to be a competition to these people were not 14 anymore.
The tmi status’s
Come on do I really need to explain this, like I’ve already said I don’t want to know about your love life what makes you think I want to know about the intimate details of your life? I in no way want to know about your sex life or your menstruation cycle.
Well here it is my Facebook hate list that I wrote instead of reading about Jewish Zionism. We’ll see if I made the right decision when my marks come in.


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