50/50 the review about a film.

Well I think its fair to say that cancer blows and people having cancer is a very serious subject, I also think that we can all agree that sometimes you just have to laugh about the bad things in life. This is something that this film delivers while still paying cancer the respect it deserves. I don’t think id be ruining anything for anyone if I told you that he survives his ordeal because lets face it this was never going to be one of those films. So here comes my review of 50/50.
This was inspired by a true story that actually affected Seth Rogan and his friend, this is the story of a very young man named Adam who has been diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer. Despite the very generic plot this is surprisingly not a I survived cancer film, this is a film about the struggle that comes from having cancer and all the destruction that follows. This story is not a new one but it’s delivered in such away that your heart cant help but melt and trust me my heart is as black as they come.
Now I know there are lots of people who don’t like Seth Rogan but I am actually rather fond of him and for the most part have generally like most of his films (even the green hornet) and this is the type of role I love to see him in. The roles were he plays the stupid oaf of a friend who has a genuine heart. The chemistry and the banter between the two leading men is spot on throughout this film and you get a real sense that Seth’s character Kyle really cares for Gordon-Levitt’s character, Adam. This may have something to do with the fact that this is based upon true event from Seth’s life but I think that Seth was born for these buddy comedies and I hope to see plenty more of them. Seth is not the only stand out performance in this film and let’s be honest the buddy comedy only works if both sides of the coin are good. Levitt’s portrayal of Adam was spot on as far as I was concerned and he captured both the despair and the hope of this character. This is a man who life is falling apart around him and those quite moments were he just sits alone thinking are treated with the same respect as the more comedic moments, those moment were Levitt’s character is breaking down were all wonderfully acted by Levitt and I actually got many flashbacks to my own personal experiences.
As well as the two main characters the support actors are also top-notch in my opinion, you get this sense that they all care for Adam and on-screen the family bonds seem so natural. Usually with these types of movie’s the main characters are the only ones who get a story arch but in 50/50 all the secondary characters get their own small story, they even go so far as to give the dog his own story albeit a very small story but still. I think this attention to detail coupled with a rather good cast cant help but warm your heart against something that is largely a shitty subject.
Overall I liked this movie, I found it both engaging and funny all at the same time and it dealt very respectfully with a subject that I have also faced in my life (both personally and with my grandfather), the serious moments are perfectly coupled with the moments of laughter and genuine moments of compassion, The head shaving scene comes to mind which was totally made up on the spot by Rogan and Hewitt. There is genuine affection that runs throughout this film considering the subject it deals with and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the two main actors.


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