Things the Playstation needs

*This article was originally written in 2010 and Sony still has none of these*
After this years E3 conference it has become very clear that games alone will not win this console war. Media prowess will not win this either this generation is all about the 24-hour Internet connection.
I think we all agree that Microsoft has no killer titles this year and what they showed on stage at this years E3 where rehashes and sequels. While these may be compelling the last word that would be uttered to describe these games would be new or innovative. What Microsoft did demonstrate tough is that they understand there customers by incorporating twitter and face book into there console they have made there console not only the place you go to game but also the place where you interact with your non-gamer friends. There were also the new multimedia features such as streaming (as long as you are a subscriber) and with rumours circulating of possible Hulu integration in the future.
While Sony was focusing on Nintendo they appear to have completely ignored the green x of Microsoft. Sony showed off interesting games and even a new control system that may see the light the day sometime soon. Despite this strong showing on the gaming side Sony completely ignored there play station network. They never increased the play stations online capabilities or even gave us any new features to expand the play stations already fantastic multimedia capabilities.
This was another year of could haves for Sony, while Microsoft kept expanding there offering and Nintendo was continuing with it new found dominance Sony was left faltering searching for another killer hook.
So things I think Playstation needs in order to remain revelvent.
IPTV integration
In the UK the most ideal solution to this would be the BBC iPlayer. I now that BBC iPlayer is already available through the consoles built in web browser but I think it would benefit from a dedicated application in the menu bar. This would allow you to download television shows as well as stream t em to the console. With the new features of BBC iPlayer such as series link and automatic download this would effectively be the end of traditional TV watching for many.
Internet radio
Xbox360 has (it was not reported weather this feature would be international.) this is a huge especially if they allow it to be played in the background while gaming. Sony has nothing in this area, an application like or even better Spotify which would stream down music that you are generally interested in all while your gaming or chatting or using any of the other Playstation features would be a real win.
Pod catcher
PSP has one why can’t the play station. With many new podcast reaching the level of television shows this would be another way to get internet content onto the users television.
None of these feature are hard to implement Microsoft is proving that. This may be a wish list but there are several reasons why Sony should implement these features. They want us to use are play station more and more. These features would mean that we would not have to turn on our PCs. we would be able to use our Playstations more and this in turn would lead to us enjoying them more and there fore buying more games.
What features do you think Sony should implement into the PS3?

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