Star Trek First Contact – Boldly destroying your legacy

I think I speak for everyone when I say that star trek is one of the greatest television series ever produced and although there is much debate about it, I think everyone but the most idiotic of people of this world think that captain Picard is the greatest captain of the lot, although there is still much debate as to the greatest series and this is not the place to discuss that. The next generation like its older sibling got many films made during its run and first contact is the second in that line of movies. Star trek first contact was the second of the of those films and its most properly the best, which is such a slight oxymoron because this film is not very good and even the updated CGI (which is rather good) could not polish the turd that is this movie.
The problems start with the story which is a time travel based story, I think time travel in sci fi is one of the laziest forms of writing. You take an already existing story that has been written (meaning your job is already done) and add new element to it, the time travel bit does not bother me as much as the adding of new elements to an already existing storyline. The story of earth first contact with the Vulcan’s is a very well known one to star trek fans and I personally felt that it was perfect because it was just a kids story from history (very much like Churchill is to us British), so in going back they fundamentally change the origins of not only the first contact with Vulcans but also the start of the whole star trek universe. This is not a good move for the wider star trek universe as it would forever tie there hands of the writers, alls you need to do is look at the disastrous season four of star trek enterprise to see what affect changing the origin story can have.
In these star trek ensemble pieces there is always the danger that many of the main cast just become bit actors and sadly that has happened here. This is not the case in the series because in a series you get 24 one hour episodes which gives you a lot of time for character development, unfortunately a film has a much shorter run time and so focuses on only a select number of characters, this one chooses to focus on Picard and Data who stories follow on from the series proper. Data now burdened with emotions is dealing with that while Picard is dealing with his past a Borg and is going off on a one man vendetta against them. Data’s storyline was rather nice I felt but I don’t think the idea of Picard as a bad arse is really believable and just doesn’t fit in with his character in anyway. I think they Kirked him up too much in this film and and the film suffers as a result.
This is the newly released blu ray edition of the movies and it has received a visual makeover and the cgi is greatly improved, I remember when this first came out and the graphics were good for the time but they did not stand the test of time, this update has given the movie a new lease of life but this visual update does little to elevate this film above anything but mediocre. The Borg also look fantastic and as I think these were the greatest addition to the star trek mythology that next generation provided I cant really complain about their inclusion within the film and they are a little speck of brilliance an a otherwise poor movie.
This is a film for star trek fans and the star trek fans alone, this is not a very good film and has not actually stood the test of time. Things like the Borg and ok CGI while being good are not going to rescue this film from a score of 6 and thats being generous because I’m actually a star trek fan.

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