Borderlands: Review

The story of borderlands is not very original but is still strangely compelling, the story is basically about a mercenary who is relocated to a new world which is run by a corporation who are trying to eek out as much profit as possible from this desolate place (as companies do). The planet in question is rather lifeless and unappealing and those that live on it are living very much a hand to mouth existence and don’t really live they merely exist. Then why do they live here i hear you ask? The reason that these people and the corporation have come is because of the rumours of the vault, Which is supposedly filled with lots and lots of alien technology which if found could make the finder a very pretty penny to the right buyer. This is not a very original storyline with games like doom doing this for years but lets face it a game doesn’t need to have a original story to make it compelling.
In order to find this vault you are contracted as a mercenary and task with the job of doing the jobs that the locals won’t do or can’t do. This involves killing and generally finding things across the quite vast map. these missions although sounding very plain are quite varied and with increasing difficult levels to keep to entertained. The map is slowly being revealed and it is truly vast with lot of different environments and these environments play a huge party in the gameplay. The wild animals (your enemies) change depending on environment and this adds a huge area of strategy to it with many of the enemy in different areas being vulnerable to different types of weapon. Again nothing new but adds an interesting aspect to a already great strategy.
This game is very much from the Diablo school of gameplay with a levelling up system that is basically copied and pasted but like many thing is this game it has a new dynamic and that dynamic is a special function that each character has. I choose the soldier class and in this particular class i had a sentry turret and  it was the sentry that was upgraded as apposed to the character himself, While not being a very new feature this added twist of being able to upgrade the turret is a wonderful thing and so compelling and many of the upgrades actually force you to rely on the turret far more than you would have normally. this is not a run in shoot everyone style of game it requires forethought and planning to advance in this game.
The graphics of borderlands are an unusual beast in that they are neither photo realistic or cartoony but somehow they occupy a realm somewhere between the two. This gives borderlands a certain atmosphere and adds to the ridiculousness of the game and it characters, The graphics adds to the eccentric nature of the characters most notably Lou.
Its not all good though in the world of borderlands, there a few niggles that i have with this game. Firstly the difficulty level of this game is one of the steepest i have ever played with the level of the characters going up massively with each new area, You will die a lot and this will cause you to suffer “baby punching level of frustration” (thank you byte jacker for the quote). The size of the map is also a massive problem they try to deal with it by giving you a car but when this car is destroyed by bandits and it will, you’ll be forced to walk a lot wasting many hours walking to the nearest car port but these minor niggles are not enough to stop this being a great game.
This is a truly amazing game and i would recommend it to anyone and will give you hours and hours of fun. I’m already forty hours in and still show no sign of getting bored and i would recommend it highly to anyone. With its familiar gameplay which is a like a huge comfort blanket and the very unique graphics this is a must have for any serious gamer.[
get this game you won’t regret it!

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