ED Milliband does not support Scottish independence.

Today two things happened that would further damage the cause of scottish independence, a new survey was released today found that 70 percent of the UK’s population would not like scotland to separate from the union. This mirrors the idea that 60 percent of Scottish do not support the idea of of an independent Scotland. This poll comes right on the heels of Ed Millibands declaration that an independent Scot could no longer consider themselves British, this marks a complete change in direction for the labour party and may signal the growing fear within the labour party about the Scottish independent movement, as most of labours electoral power and voting based is contained within Scotland and an independent Scotland would only hurt their power within the British parliament. For a long time labour was scared of pushing the idea English nationalism but all that has changed thanks to the SNP, even if Ed has once again denied that they will ever support an English parliament further supporting his support for the united kingdom.

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