Old man Logan – The review

This is going to be my first graphic novel review so please be tender, The story of old man Logan is a what if story set in an apocalyptic world in which the super villains have taken over America, only three super heroes have survived wolverine, the hulk and for some reason that I can think is plot related Hawkeye. That makes it sound like I don’t like Hawkeye and I think I should clarify that I’m actually quite a fan of him and think it’s a huge shame that he didn’t get his own film prior to the avengers, I just think it weird that he’s the only non-indestructible super hero to survive. Off course wolverine survived and off course the hulk survived because let’s face it they are the bad asses of the marvel universe. Wolverine though is not the wolverine that we have come to know and love, it seems that wolverine for the first time in his life has been broken. This book opens up with Logan trying to ink out a living on a very small farm when he’s bothered by some punks who want money off him but unlike the wolverine of old Logan just sits there and takes his beating. It appears as though the wolverine of this world is non-violent pacifist but I think you won’t be surprised when I tell you that this does not last. This is all to change when Hawkeye comes to visit his old friend and offers him a chance to make some quick cash; all’s he has to do is take something across country. This is why I think Hawkeye is just a plot device because this obviously allows the reader to explore this world. This exploration allows the writers of this book to slowly reveal how the super villains came to power and what actually happened on the day the heroes died, this leads to a truly fantastic oh moment right in the middle of this book were all is revealed. This reveal caused me to put this book down for the first time in the whole time I was reading this book and just think about what had just transpired and let the epicness of that moment just sink in. Those three pages are such a big reveal that from then on the whole design of this book change in both art and concept.
This takes many of the cues and story from cult classics of my childhood; it’s off course links into the marvel universe and not just the x men universe but the marvel universe as a whole. In this book we see the red skull, Dr Doom and many of Spiderman’s most well known villains. This book also has shades of mad max and old school 50’s westerns and unfortunately has many of the clichés that have come to plague these genres as a whole. Thankfully these are used very sparingly and only used to set the mood. This book starts off quite dark and dingy but as it get about half way through it takes a dramatic turn and becomes a more colourful affair as wolverine and the world he currently inhabits comes to life. I also love the way old man Logan portrays its women, they aren’t big boobed bimbos that one would normally associate with the world of comics, the women in this are ambitious, hard faced, very honest all and all comic book writer should take a note for there future female protagonist.
The art work in this book is a selection of marvels greatest hits, its set in the style that we have come to expect from wolverine comics, part manga part 1980’s modernism of comic books. It also very gruesome so I would not recommend buying this for a young child unless that child likes blood guts and gore and let’s be honest here what young child doesn’t like all of those things, from the blood soaked cover to the quite disgusting climax this book doesn’t hold anything back and is honestly one of the best books I have read in a long time.

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