The Smurfs movie review – Is nothing sacred from my childhood.

So i guess I’ve reached that age were the things i used to watch and enjoy in my childhood have become something of a commodity to Hollywood, I have reached that age were i could theoretically take my children to see the shows from my childhood. This brings me in a nice roundabout way to my review of the Smurfs live action movie that was recently released.
The first thing you’ll no doubt notice about this film is that’s it a live action film and as I’m sure you are aware live action films based on cartoons are always a huge success, just look at the success of the teenage mutant ninja turtles some of the best films of all time. oh wait no i was mistaken they were for lack of a better word shit and single handily insured that the teenage mutants ninja turtle would be off are screens for over a decade, something that i personally think is a tragedy to the generations that came after me.
The story of the Smurfs movie can really be seen as a story of two half’s, on the one hand you have your standard smurfs must defeat gargemel and get back to the smurf village, Just like every episode of the smurfs ever. Damn i was a dumb kind. The second is a coming to terms story involving Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma mays. in this the two main protagonist must deal with there changing life due to them having a baby on the way and just by concidence the smurfs come along at just the right moment to teach them what it means to be parents. The first story is rather unoriginal and no matter how many farts joke and slap stick moments involving gargemel they get into this film it will not make it anymore enjoyable, i did however enjoy the other half of the story involving neil patrick and jayma if for no other reason than they are in two of my favourite tv shows and secretly i have a huge man crush on Neil.
While the live action parts of the film succeed the parts involving the smurfs of which there surprisingly few considering its a smurf movie fail in a rather grand way. This has everything to do with the shoddy cgi and the setting, if you watch this film you will see that the smurfs who are suppose to represent children are oddly static and do very little moving or jumping about and even when they do you get lots of close ups to hide the shoddy cgi. This can also be seen when they interact with the real world, you’ll have the actors scooping them up like a football because if they picked them up in a ordinary way then it would require a little bit more work on the artists front. This does not aid the film in any way and you cant help but think thats its been hindered by its setting.
This brings me to my final point of this review and thats the overall cheapness of this film, From the actors who with the exception of neil who in my opinion can do no wrong could be gotten for about 25 cents each, Not even the inclusion of katy perry was enough to redeem this film in my eyes. This coupled with the constant product placement and what i can only describe as the hallmark of any bad film of 21st century and that is a 10 minute advert smack in the middle of the film did a lot to sour my opinion of this film.
Its not that this is a particularly bad film its just that its boring and very middle of the road, this is in no way up to the standards of a pixar movie or even a disney movie but at the same time i could see a 5 year old watching this and actively enjoying it. This is not a film for adult or even fans of the smurfs avoid unless your child annoys the hell out of you to see the blue people.


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