A few thoughts on Emmy the great

Emmy the great has been on constant repeat on my iPod in recent months and I thought I’d try to explain why this is in some way. Emmy is a folk singer from London who sing about love lost and her interpretation of the world.
My introduction to Emmy was quite by accident and I owe this love to last.fm and its fantastic radio service. Now I’m a fan of acoustic but i love it more for its politically leanings as posed to what Emmy sings about. I’m more the bob Dylan man than this new anti folk movement but Emmy has opened my eyes to a whole new part of acoustic music. She sings of love and lost, of religion and death and I can’t get enough. Her honesty is so refreshing and is so clearly evidenced in song like “everything reminds me off you” and “we almost had a baby” with the later being about an unexpected pregnancy and this giving her some leverage over her ex boyfriend. Emmy is different I find her honesty refreshing and her way with words to be quite invigorating. She say everything I’m feeling but wish I had the courage to say.
Emmy is not some throw away girl not someone you can listen to in the background her music it requires you to pay attention. I’m afraid to say that for many it may even require persistence but believe me in this case per pays off. Emmy is an artist I keep coming back to every time I feel I’m getting bored with her I find another reason to love her all over again. Her world view and honesty are what make this possible.
My only really problem with Emmy is her need for perfection with her almost constantly changing and improving her work. This shows a lack of focus from Emmy and I think this leads to her greatest weakness as an artist in that she can’t let things go. This shows that the layout of the album is all over place. The songs by themselves are all individually great but on an album they seem somewhat disjointed. One minute she talking about love the next she on about death and then she’ll throw in some religion. Maybe its just me maybe I’m still part of this old school persuasion of the album making the artist. This fits in with the “new” idea of music that an artist is only as good as her last single and on this front Emmy is a perfect example of excellence.
Listen to Emmy if your after a thrill ride of emotion and death, if you like listening to someone bear there souls. The expression wearing your heart on your sleeve was made for this girl and I for one wouldn’t have it any other way. Highly recommended!!!!
the lack of focus that i spoke of over a year ago is still very much evident in Emmy’s work in that it has been almost 12 months since i wrote this review and nearly two years since she released an album and still nothing. the new album has been promised and hinted at for a long time and still nothing. please Emmy I’m begging you release some new material so that i can once again get my Emmy fix, I’ve moved on from your angst ridden first I’ve and i want to see if you have too. still highly recommend first love to everyone with the balls to listen to it.

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