Super 8 the review

I think its fair to say that Steven Spielberg is one of the best directors in the world, I also think its fair to say that JJ Abrams makes some good shit. Many would consider Abrams to be Spielberg heir apparent but I think there being a little to hasty, don’t get me wrong star trek was good and some people swear that lost is the greatest TV show of all time but he has a long way to go before he is on the same level as Spielberg. So why all this rambling well recently Spielberg and Abrams decided that the proper thing to do was make a movie together so they could decide who was better and whats not. I was initially very excited because come on let’s be honest what could go wrong with JJ Abrams and Spielberg making a film together, this film promised a lot, it could have that sentimentality that we have all to come to love from Spielberg and the action that has made Abrams so famous. Unfortunately this film fails to deliver on that promise and what results from this is a very disjointed film that is neither Spielberg or Abrams.
The story of super 8 seems to be two completely separately stories sown together, the first is a very sweet coming of age story about love, loss and all things that come with being a 15-year-old boy. The main character joe has just lost his mother and as a result his father is distant and in mourning, on top of this him and his friends are trying to make a movie as a way of impressing girls. In the process of making this movie they witness a train crash and the second story starts to emerge in the form of a rather old school monster movie but more on that in a minute. I really liked the parts of this movie that involved the children making their film was sweet, the dialogue was not the best in this movie but it just made it all the sweeter and beautiful and I really enjoyed this part. The monster part was rather ordinary and clichéd if I’m honest, this story involved an alien escaping from a train crash and terrorising a small town in the middle of no where, I know we’ve all seen this movie a lot. They also try to build up the tension of the movie by not really showing the monster until 2 thirds of the way through the movie and when they finally revealed the monster I felt really disappointed because it was rather underwhelming. The monster is not revealed which leads the children having to run through a battlefield for some unknown reason.
Joe the main character gets the most of the development in this film and the rest are just support for his struggles. During the course of this film he falls in love, realises what it is to be a man, becomes closer to his father and saves the alien and this is done without pushing the message of this movie down the audiences throat, that is up until the last 10 minutes of this film. The second story line of the alien was rather confusing because I had no real idea what was happening at any point in this film in regards to the monster, there were also two action scenes in this movie that I think were only there to make the monster more fearful so that during his final retribution was more substantial and it just failed for, this final scenes of the movie were what really annoyed me about this film because it seemed to not fit into the rest of the film and was very simplistic, it seemed to wrap everything up to neatly and implied that everything was going to be OK despite the deaths and destruction that this alien had brought to this small time. It was also very sentimental and contained symbolism that a six-year-old could easily see.
In conclusion this is not a bad film but it’s not a very good film either, it’s just mediocre and that’s the real shame of this film. It promised so much and just failed to deliver for me. I really enjoyed the children making the movies and it bought a genuine smile to may face but the monster parts of this film just felt disjointed and the overly sentimental ending just ruined it for me and I can’t find myself recommending this film.

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