Five pieces of software i cant live without

1. ITunes

Let me just clarify that I hate iTunes, I think it’s is a bloated piece of crap that has no place on any windows pc and if you can avoid installing it do. Unfortunately for me tough I am the proud owner of an Iphone and an iPod so I’m stuck with it. This software is actually quite good on the Mac but it has nothing but problems on windows and it’s the worst kind of resource hog. if I didn’t love my iPod and the whole iTunes eco system then I wouldn’t install iTunes I have tried many alternatives to iTunes but I keep coming back because I love my iPod and iTunes store. That is the true value of iTunes it’s not in its music management or film manage but in the iPod and the sheer amount of content that it has available on it service without these two thing o would never use this software.

Microsoft office

Most notably Microsoft word, there not much to say about this one I need it for work and play and I think it’s the best word processing software out there. this is another example of how I’ve tried many an alternative but keep coming back to this piece of software over and over again.

Drop box

This is the first thing I installed on my computer after my hard drive failure and that’s because it my pen drives in the sky. This is a piece of software that installs a folder on my hard drive and everything in that is automatically backed up on dropbox’s servers. This is a must for all students because at only 2 gigs of storage you won’t be storing your whole music collection on their servers but you can fit all off your assignments in this folder safe in the knowledge that your work is backed up. that’s is not the only killer feature of this piece of software tough because once you have installed this software and have backed up your work it is accessible from any location with a internet connection meaning that if you lose your memory pens then you need not threat because all you work is still available.

This piece of software literally saved me lots of hassle recently when my hard drive failed as I was working on an essay but thankfully this software had back it up so I only lost 3 hours of work as opposed to 10. This is truly invaluable and I recommend it to all my friends to help them back up all their files.


I love Iplayer; in fact I love it so much I never turn on the television anymore and watch television. I love it convenience and ease of use and I especially love the new functions that the bcc is incorporating into it like series watch. These features will continue to make my traditional television watching a thing of the past. the convenience of this is brilliant I can watch any BBc show up to a week after they’ve been originally aired meaning holidays or exam are less of a nuisance because I can still catch up on my favorite shows at a time that more convenient for me.

Not only does Iplayer remove me from the shackle that is the TV schedule it also makes the television irreverent. it shows the television as a relic of the 20th century and as time goes on Iplayer will become more and more important while the humble television shall become a relic used by are grandparent much like the vhs or vinyl records. I[player is not only available on my computer but on my phone my pda in face I can access Iplayer any where there’s an internet connection were as with the television I have to sit down and give it my valuable time with Iplayer I choose when is convenient for me.

Windows live writer

Shock horror I have a blog and as a result I use this software to update said blog. I like the spell checker the ease of use and the add-on you can get to make you life easier. Not much to say about this it is a fairly simple word processor application that does some simple things in the background to make blogging easier.

There we have it a very short list, although I use several different piece of software a day these are the ones that have changed my life or the way I do things the most. They all come highly recommended by me.


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