Glee: Mutilating your favourite music since 2009

That is the question! Prior to Glee’s hiatus I was totally in love with the show and watched it religiously every single week without exception. I recommended it to all my friends and even went out of my way to force my friends to watch (it was for there own good). Despite this I’m starting to have my doubts with the direction that the series is taking. The first 14 episode while being very cheesy and obviously aimed at the high school musical generation were good and it towed that delicate line very well. It was cheesy but it never ventured too far into the realm of stupidity the stories were always poignant and the songs they selected were always appropriate. This is not the case with the most recent episodes.
The most recent episodes have not only ventured more and more in to the happy go lucky territory of high school musical but they have also ventured more into the commercial side as well. each episode is now filled with nonsensical over happy cringe worthy story lines (helping a paralysed boy sing anyone) but to make matter worse it now also feels like they are shoveling songs down my throat. I know I know that was always the idea of Glee but Miley Cyrus on an episode what happen to the fifth avenue Broadway dancer that made the first half of this series great?
I liked the hard stories of people dealing with homosexuality and relationships, these relationships while appearing to be quite simplistic where actually multilayered that’s not the case anymore tough. I’ll continue to watch the rest of this series but I’m not sure that the enjoyment is still there, I’m not sure that warm feeling it gave me in my stomach will ever return. Has glee jumped the shark? How can it have jumped the shark so early? I guess only time will tell.

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