Killzone 2: A lot of expectations to live up to

Well with project backlog well and truly in full swing, I started to play this game and got to the very final boss battle and after dying over and over again so I simply moved on to greener pastors. I got this game when it first came out and the fact that it has taken me this long shows just how easily I am distracted because to put it simply this game looks stunning, and despite existing in a game genre that is bulging at the seams with gems it somehow manages to stand out from the crowd in my humble opinion. This game is supposedly the companies answer to the very popular Xbox franchise halo and this is the second game in the genre and after the first game being very generic but fun game with some minor niggles. The first game was fun but generic and had very little compelling going on and I was little bit wary of this game but thankfully my worries were quickly alleviated upon putting this game in my PS3.
Firstly let me started by talking about this games graphics and they are stunning finally there is a game that shows what the PS3 is capable off. The first games was often ridiculed for its over-use of the gray and blacks and this game has maintained that aesthetic with the colours of gray and black being the most notable. Although it very dark in complexion I think this only helps aids the games ambiance and further enhancing the meek environment that it is set in. Although they help to create an atmosphere you can’t help but think that the creators of kill zone have been hampered ever so slightly by the power limitations of the play station 2. The originals grey scale was a way of cheating amazing graphics out of the play station 2 but the PS3 is so much more powerful that they could have etched out slightly better graphics but sadly they have stuck to the style of the original. This makes sense in a continuity sense but unfortunately I felt slightly underwhelmed by the environmental graphics.
Despite my indifference to the environmental graphics I think its fair to say that the character designs are what every game company should be looking to emulate for years to come, I have not seen characters this realistic looking since half-life 2. They seem real and I would even go so far as to say I can see life in the characters eyes. this goes a long way to creating empathy with the characters and makes me actually reserved in my game play style, I was no longer running and gunning I played a more stealthily as a result of this empathy.
the game play is rather unsophisticated and by that I mean its pretty much what you’ve come to expect from every first person shooter since the genres inception many years ago. You move, you shoot kill everyone and move on… simples. The online multiplayer is very much what you’ve come to expect and I’m not going to bore you all game play options.  I’ve heard many complaints about this game and its lack of open world game play and I think this just helps improve the story.
The story of this game is by far its greatest feature it seems to have to have borrowed just enough from its great predecessors such as half-life. While this game has borrowed heavily from videogame history it has also borrowed from the history of human kind its self. to me the Helghast seem to represent every great totalitarian government that this planet has ever seen but that is not the important aspect of the story the most important aspect is that it is perfect. The story of kill zone one was a bit cliché and unoriginal but kill zone two has taken this foundation and took it in a new direction that only increases my anticipation for Killzone 3. You must single handily take down a totalitarian government and restore order to the world. Nothing new but adds just new originality to make it interesting.
In conclusion this is a fantastic game and every single first person shooter fan should own it, the graphics are brilliant, the game play is exactly what you’ve wanted and come to expect from first person shooters over the last 10 years and with a story that this good you cant afford to pass this game up. An absolute must buy!

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