A Few Things Sony Need To Do

*Article written in 2010*
There’s been a lot of talk lately surrounding Sony none of it good. While Sony rests on their Loral’s and arrogantly talks the play station three up, there both Microsoft and Nintendo are slowly eroding market dominance. Sony’s approach to the PS3 has always been that it’s the Swiss army knife of the home consoles, this strategy is costing them money and market share. While Nintendo has struck a cord up with the casual less experienced gamer Microsoft has captured the hearts and minds of the more hardcore gamer, Sony’s been floundering trying to define there consoles place in the current gaming ecosystem.
There are several things Sony could do to remedy this situation an here are five that I think would be the most beneficial.
Sony needs to shut up
They need to stop preaching about the play stations power and actually show it to us. They have to remember that firstly this is a gaming system that at the moment has no compelling or interesting games; those that should fall into this category such as little big planet fail to sell due to the consoles small install base. Sony needs to step up and put their money where there mouth is and show us rather than tell us just what the PS3 is capable of.
App store
I think all the rumours and speculation of this product shows just how excited the community is. There are several reasons Sony would benefit from this model. Firstly it would allow them to incorporate many of the much-needed features that the ps3 is still missing such as social network integration and streaming services such as Last.fm. At very little cost to Sony. These are all features that the Microsoft has on their Xbox360 and features that Sony is in desperate need off in order to remain revel event.
The PSP would also benefit from this feature as well further integrating the PSP and ps3 by bringing there feature sets closer making owning both an easier pill for consumers to swallow. It could also be used to fight the growing homebrew community and allow these developers to legally port their software over to the new app store.
PSN store
Sony needs to focus on the PSN store more than they currently are its there and the trickle of content it receives is steady but it still pales in comparison to Microsoft and even Nintendo. These two companies add content every week while Sony adds content periodically and in some instances removes this content just day later without an explanation.
Microsoft is also adding new multimedia content to the 360 in the way of the Zune movie store and the Netflix streaming service. Sony also has a movie store but the selection pales in comparison to Sony and there offering is still unavailable internationally. Sony could easily remedy this problem after all it is one of the biggest movie studio in the world, but they just seem to ignore this potential source of long term revenue. A glimmer of hope in this area is the PSP go with its digital only platform, this could be Sony way of testing the water starting with the core audience of gamers and then slowly introducing other types of media later.
Lower the price
Enough said on this one if they where to lower the price they would seal more consoles which would give them more leverage with developers and content creators. This would also increase the number of players on the psn Sony free Xbox live alternative and increase the value of the console to potential customers tenfold.
Most of all Sony need to concentrate on the one thing they neglected for so long the thing that made them the powerhouse they are in this sector in the first place and that is the games available on the system. They need more killer titles more titles like Killzone 2 that real gamers can get excited about. It isn’t event core gamers there ignoring they seemed to have let Nintendo steal all there casual gamers away as well. Titles such as sing star and buzz just don’t generate the buzz they once did.
These are just a few things I feel would help Sony gain some ground on the new juggernaut that is Microsoft. These things are not hard to implement with many gamers craving these features. I think Sony could get away with ignoring four of these points but the sticking point in the ps3 debate is the price and how much more expensive it is than the 360 and Wii. If Sony were to lower the price I think a lot of their past mistakes would be forgiven.
Edited this was written ahead of current announcements; while Sony addressed certain aspect of this list it did not address all.

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