Initial Thoughts On Spotify

Spotify is a piece of software I love and use everyday, its a piece of software that allows me to stream millions of music tracks to my computer completely free of charge with only the occasionally advert to distract me. “finally the music industry gets it” I exclaimed to a completely uninterested friend. Finally the music industry is adapting to their audience and how this audience consumes music.
Finally I can enjoy free music without the guilt of privacy safe in the knowledge that artists are getting something no matter how insignificant were as before they were getting nothing. I still by music last year I brought at least 50 CD’s and I have services like Spotify and to thank for this. They have help me discover new types of musics to expand my horizons and this is the true strength of these services, I use them more as recommendation engines than full blown music systems.
Privacy is the easy option to getting music but it makes discovering smaller more independent artists very difficult. Privacy is easy if you want the latest u2 or Bon Jovi album but the smaller more interesting artists just get lost within the noise. This is where Spotify truly excels thanks to such a simple feature as similar artist I often just get lost going from one artist to another discovering great music. A simple feature yes but its the simple feature that usually make the biggest difference.
Recommendations is not the only thing that Spotify excels at it is also truly brilliant at hiding my shame and keeping all those shameful secrets that we all love, Those power ballads from the 80’s that I would never ever considering buying or have on my iPod have found a new home on certain Spotify play lists.
I have no concept of ownership when it comes to music, all my music is contained with my iPod or streamed via online services. That visceral feeling of placing the CD into the CD tray and pressing play is completely lost on me because of the greater convenience of my iPod. I am more concerned with the experience I get from my music and I don’t need to own my music in order to get that experience.
Spotify is quickly becoming a very important application in my life its my new recommendation engine. I am very excited about them moving into the mobile space and look forward to the day when that feature is not just a premium feature but a feature available to all. The ability to stream all those tracks were ever I am may be the final nail in the coffin for radio.

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