Twittering on the droid

Twitter is my new media darling as I get increasingly jaded by Facebook and its predictable nature I find myself moving more towards twitter and Google buzz. Tweeting in the house is one thing but I think twitters real strength is mobile tweeting, the ability to tell all your followers what’s happening round you at anytime. This is the new news broadcast and combined with my new android phone I am now able to tweet on the move. In this post I am going to look at three different twitter clients in the hope of finding the one twitter client to rule them all.
The design of tweetcaster is very overwhelming it tries to do everything that you can do on the web in this app. It includes list, direct messages, and @ replies and favourites all available on the main screen but its most compelling features are hidden behind a sub menus. The home screen is ugly it tries to look like a iPhone SMS screen but lacks all of apples artistic flair and this is actually done better by the other option in this comparison. All in all Its very cumbersome and difficult piece of software to actually use and get anything done with and it’s blue on white design is incredibly ugly.
It has all the features you’d expect direct messages, @replies, home screen and list although the list are for use in the application rather than those you’ve previously created. This program has full twit-pic integration meaning that pictures are loaded in the application rather than a separate browser which I love. The most interesting feature tough are away from the main screen and it this programs ability to log into multiple accounts and also post your location to twitter similar to Google buzz. It also includes trends and the ability to search both of which could be useful but fail to impress me. the trends seem particularly useless as it’s just full of crap.
Tweetcaster is slows and takes far too long to load and refresh in comparison to the others and its failure to bring my lists into the program is just irritating. Everything seems to take a second too long to pop up with refreshes taking an age while opening of links is a very speedy affair. Its performance seems very hot and cold with certain functions being very speedy and responsive like link clicking while other seemingly similar processes taking an age or just failing to work in the first place.
In conclusion tweetcaster is a very well thought out program with lots of compelling features such as multiple logins and location tweeting. These features tough are horribly hampered by poor and ugly interface design and its overall lacklustre performance.
The design of twidroid is just simplicity personified everything is presented on one clear home screen with all the most important features accessible via little buttons on the bottom of the screen. The pale blue is so much nicer that tweetcaster darker blue and the home is far easier to digest with just enough going on. The overall design makes it very easy to quickly glance and receive all the important information. I prefer this design in comparison to tweetcaster.
Although the overall design of twidroid is very good it performance leaves a lot to be desired, it regularly fails to connect to twitter or displays post right and for a product that is meant to version 1.5 these are all things that should have been sorted out during the beta period. The application is still very quick and responsive tough with button presses registering effectively and all screen transitions happening in a timely matter.
Twidroid has all the necessary features direct messages, @replies and the all important home screen. It forgoes many of the other more useless features such as trends but it also falls behind in terms of the more innovative features like multiple logins and location tweeting being somewhat absent. I love how this program keeps everything on one screen rather having to dig down through numerous menus.
In conclusion this is a very well thought out and easy to use piece of software that does everything you want it to while excluding many features that are just unnecessary. The design is very simple and appealing and if they could sort out the connections issues then it would most properly be my program of choice but it just falls short of what I need.
Seismic is a wonderfully designed piece of software with everything working and doing as you would expect. This design philosophy can be seen across all of its multiple platforms of which there are many including I phone, pcs, mac and off course the android platform. This makes seismic the only universal twitter application that I can use on my many different platforms and this uniformity makes it invaluable. Going from one platform to the next and seeing the same buttons and the red on black design makes the whole process of tweeting far more valuable. The design is amazing simple with everything you would need being one click or more away. This piece of software has been perfectly designed to meet the requirements of this platform.
Seismic has all the features you would expect to find in twitter clients many of which have already been named in this post but it sadly lacks location based features found in some other programs of this nature. This is something I expect them to rectify over time as twitter incorporates more and more location based features. It does however support multiple twitter accounts meaning you can use your private account and your business account using this one application. The coming soon integration with means that you can also use seismic to update not only twitter but all your social media WebPages simultaneously. This will truly be seismic killer feature when it arrives the ability to update all of them at one this is incredibly useful to those who use these networks to publicise the other efforts.
The performance tough for seismic is surely lacking in my experienced I have found it to be very unreliable with it regularly crashing or simply not updating my timeline. Despite these problems when seismic does run which it has been doing very well since it was recently updated it is a dream to use. It’s speedy and does everything I want it when I want it to (not much to ask really).
In conclusion this is a wonderful piece of software when it works and is by far my favourite on display here. It uniformity across all the platforms means I can go from iPhone to android to blackberry and have the same experience. This is the first universal twitter application and comes highly recommended from me

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