Blast From the Past TV: Sliders: Season One, Episode One Review

This series first premiered in 1995 and although the locations and set designs are starting to show their age but its underlining stories and characters still stand the test of time. The basic premise of the show is that a group of travelers have discovered a way to travel – or slide – between parallel universes via wormholes. These wormholes open at set intervals, which strands the travelers on the world until the preset time which, if they miss that time, they can become trapped on that world for 29 years. The time that the team are stuck on the particular world gives the show the scope to explore the politics and life of the world they’ve found themselves on without it having any real reference to our own world. This was a show I loved in high school so I decided to go back and visit it recently and I thought what better way to spread the love than to review every episode of it from the opening pilot to the cliff hanger that would see the end of the show. So here it goes and I think there is no better place to start than with the opening episode.
The story naturally starts off very small and isolated, Quinn Malory is a genius who somehow manages to design and build a device that is able to bore through the fabric of space and make you literally enter a new dimension in his basement, if that isn’t an indictment of the American education system I don’t know what is. So after trying the device out one time and returning from another dimension safely he decides to invite his professor who didn’t believe that it could be done and the women that he is trying to bone, to show off. If I was in Quinn’s place I would also be a smug bastard and I’d definitely use that shit to try and get laid, although I think Freud would have a field day with the idea that in order to get into a woman’s pants the male protagonist of this show must create a 6 foot hole in the fabric of space, that he and many other people have jumped into, but then I’m not a psychiatrist so I’ll leave that interpretation to people much smarter than I.
So he invites these people round and they jump through the wormhole, but something goes wrong, let’s be honest I think every one saw that happening and then the vortex goes awry and sucks in a token black person because, let’s face it, a show that follows around three middle class white people just isn’t going to get the ghetto crowd. This slide though is not so successful and they enter a world that has been wrecked by nuclear war and they face imminent death. This is were things go wrong and Quinn must decide weather they can survive long enough for the timer to count down because setting of the timer earlier is apparently very dangerous or they risk being stranded. Needless to say that when a hurricane proves too much for them Quinn sets off his timer and they are transported home.
I don’t think I will surprise anyone when I say that this is not the case but more on that in my next episode review, this was a very standard pilot and still stands the test of time despite the ropey CGI but it was enjoyable enough and you care enough about the characters to become interested in their plight. The politics of the show is not really present in this episode and I for one think this is a good time because as the series wore on the politics started loom larger than the characters on the show and when a series starts that should be your main concern. So I hope you enjoyed my rather random review of episode one of the 1995 series sliders and I hope you will continue with me as I slide through these episodes.

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