Iron man – The good, The bad and the ugly


The good:

  • Robert Downy Jr
  • The story
  • The focus on Tony rather than Iron man
  • The witty dialogue
  • The previous films appear to have had huge affects on the Marvel universe
  • Beautiful cgi
  • The mandarin
  • Tony’s character growth
  • Tony’s and Peppers relationship
  • The slower pace
  • A statisfying conclusion
  • The fact that he put pepper first at all times
  • All the different Iron man made sense

The bad:

  • Roberts awful acting during his panic attacks
  • Tony as a father figure
  • Marvel is too attached to secondary characters
  • iron patriot (such a wasted oppurtunity)
  • 3D –  Don’t be that guy Marvel
  • The dark filters on the camera
  • The whole struggle through the wilderness story line
  • His love for the suit
  • The after credit clip
  • Very little humour
  • What humour there was, was very obvious

So that my quick overview of iron man 3, I enjoyed it and if you liked any of the other Marvel films then you will like this.


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