Five Short film reviews

Five short reviews of films I’ve watched recently, i’ll try to keep it brief this is not about analysing the film just about what i thought of them. don’t be too cruel this is my first set off film reviews i only can only get better.

Scott pilgrim v.s the world


Like many of the films I’ve watched recently this was based on comic and not just any comic but one of the most critically acclaimed of recent years. its your typical story guy meets girl falls in love must defeat her seven evil exes you know that whole shebang.

The story may be average but the style of the film is not, this is a film for the 21st century. It is heavily influence by the rise of the video game and that can be seen in all the nifty graphics that appear throughout the film. The pee bar for example that appears when the main character is going to the toilet and slowly drains away as he relieves himself. There’s extra lives galore and the exes are dealt with like boss battles and this gives it a very unique style.

Despite the style this film has some horrible bad problems, the first being the casting of Michael cera as the main character. why is Michael cera constantly playing the same character in every film. that is too say himself and all’s you end up thinking about is how its the guy from Juno or any other film that he has been in. Secondly this film has a very weird pacing problem, because they have tried to condense all 7 books into one film they spend a large proportion of the film setting up the love story between the two main characters but the actually battles with the exes come and go very quickly. These are meant to be the main point of the film but they end up just being something that happens with very little substance or with very little actual effect on the film as a whole.

On the whole this is a ok film but lacks anything to make you come back a second time, watch for the artistic style and learn to deal with sub par story that is brought about because of the speed of the film.

Rent don’t buy.

kick ass


Another comic book movie but unlike Scott pilgrim i actually enjoyed this one, this film is about a young boy who decides to become a superhero and help his neighbourhood. This film actually brought up many questions about society as well. A young boy who reads comic books is tired of reading about heroes and decides to become one.

Unlike many other comic books films this film shows the consequences of being a hero. the main character spends much of the film recovering from the fights that he has had and on many cases coming close to death. He also communicates with those he saves by MySpace a wonderfully modern take on the heroes dilemma. The style of this film is rather un-comicbook like taking its cues from a more modern gritty film giving it a very modern look unlike some more mainstream comic book movies.

The acting is superb in this film, in many cases the actor in these film tend to ham it up and play there character way over the top but in this they play them straight were needed and played them comical when needed. I really enjoyed this film and thought the more modern approach to the comic book film was a nice touch, highly recommended.


despicable me


Ok this is a good v.s bad movie, well a bad v.s bad movie but the principle is still same. now queue every single cliché you’ve ever seen in any superhero movie. cute sidekicks check, evil plots to destroy  the world check and a really annoying bad guy that you hope loses check, despite all these cliché and the I’ve seen it before feeling, This film is actually rather fun i found my self smiling at the little lights and laughing at the same jokes I’ve all ready laughed a lot at in past and found myself hoping that he would save the world just in time. This film is like a huge comfort blanket on film you won’t consider it greatest film of all time but you will enjoy it while its on.

I’m really not going to bore you with the storyline or the “art style” crap like i did with the other films just take my word for it you will enjoy this film despite the I’ve seen it before feeling.


Aliens v.s Mmeonsters

monsters vs aliens

Like despicable me and mega mind this film is filled with many cliché but unlike those film i found this film to be boring and it grated on my intelligence(or perceived intelligence). While the other two films used the cliché to great effect this took the worse of those cliché and recycled one to many jokes for my taste. the main characters where dull and i found myself having little compassion for them throughout the film

This film was recommended to me by a lot of people and i can’t for the life of me understand why. I couldn’t find one thing i enjoyed about this film and can not recommend it, I found it stupid and felt that a lot of the jokes pandered to the humour of six year old something i normally like but there only so far fart jokes and indestructible beings made of glob voiced by Seth Rogan can go before they become irritating.

I’m going to keep this brief don’t buy it or even rent it, properly the only use for this film is as a door stop.

mega mind


*insert despicable me review here*

These are basically the same film but with different elements and I’m kind of ashamed to admit that yet again i found myself laughing and smiling. The story is kind of cool too sending up all the great comic book characters most notably superman and lex luthor. if you are a comic book and DreamWorks fan you will love this film.


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