Project backlog- new years resolutions

well here it is another year has come and gone and as happens at the end of most years there was something called Christmas. apparently this happens every year but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of it :p but all joking aside it has made me realise something. as many of you may already know I am a huge nerd and as a nerd I have accumulated many different nerdy thing over my time but because I have acquired so much over the years I have piles and piles of games/books and all kinds of other lovely things that quite frankly I have barely touched or in some cases never touched.

so in this a new year I am making a promise to have a clear out all of the backlog of games, music and comic books and I hereby promise to not buy  another thing  in each area of entertainment until I have completely finished all the remaining things in that area. I also promise to write a review and up date my blog on a more regular basis and I shall call this project backlog.

another of my new years resolution is to give up fizzy drinks and although I attempted this last and failed miserably I intend to do it this year and am currently on 5 days and show zero sign of giving in. so I would just like to end this rather pointless and useless blog post with a thank you to all the people made 2010 such a great year and also a picture of something pretty.




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