Green lantern – Rebirth the review

Hal Jordan was considered by many to be the greatest of the green lanterns but the character had grown stale by the early 90’s and so DC did what was all the rage back then, They killed him off. They were off course doing this for more than just green lantern but it was his death that seemed to stick. So enter Geoff Johns in 2004 with the momentous task of bringing back Hal Jordan and simultaneously introducing him to a whole new audience, This was no mean feat but I’m glad to report that Johns pulled it off effortlessly, This represents the point at which I started reading green lantern and never stopped until the launch of the new 52 which ruined Gl in my opinion.

After several years of activity on Earth, The Spectre became restless and sought a way to prove himself worthy of that noble reputation. See how a man born without fear and seeking to rebuild his life, puts cosmic forces into motion that will have repercussions not only on Earth but across the universe. This volume sets up the events of BLACKEST NIGHT and revitalized Green Lantern as one of the most important heroes of the DCU! This book successfully goes over all areas of hal’s life, It touches on his relationship with flash and the rest of the justice league, His very close friendship with green arrow and the adventures they shared in the 70’s and most importantly for some his relationship with carol and the Ferris family, This naturally ties up a lot of loose ends while giving a nice overview of the character, This can be somewhat confusing at times but if you at all interested in green lantern then this is a perfect place to start, Overall its a very sharp story and does exactly what it needed to do to reintroduce this character.

Now when I originally read this it was very young in my comic reading history so i wasn’t as tuned into art as I am now, At the time I considered this to be quite good but now I consider it to be very passable. Its bright and colourful, Which is always a plus for me, I like bright comics far better than I do dark gritty ones reminds me that I’m reading a comic rather than reading a horror title. That being said though is there are some truly laughable parts to the art, most noticeably faces, I am a stickler for faces in these books, It has become my biggest area of pain and unfortunately Van Sciver is more a scenery man that a faces man, Many of the people in this book (of which there are a lot) just look weird, I will give him something though, The sheer number of things that are going on in each page is stunning and although people do look strange this somehow enhances Sinestro, Van Sciver was made to draw this character I just wish this applied to many of the other characters though. Despite that its not too bad and you can easily overlook many of the flaws in the art because of the sheer number of things going on within this book.

This book will always hold a special place in my heart, It was the third graphic novel I ever read and my second Green Lantern, He is my favourite character and the reason I’m still reading comics now, The story while a little confusing will serve as an excellent starting off point for the character and trust me as runs go this is a great one to start with, The art while a little janky in places is perfectly serviceable and doesn’t distracted from the overall story, While not a perfect book this is a great jumping on point for Green Lantern and serves as the foundation for Johns legendary 5 year run on this character that saw him raise to be one of dc’s most valuable franchises.



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