Astonishing X-men – Gifted.

So I got the latest graphic novel from marvel’s ultimate collection, X-men gifted. This is the second X-men title I have read and have to say that I enjoyed it a lot more than the previous one, The Dark Phoenix saga, This story was far more grounded in reality and a lot easier to believe. Y

The previous Dark Phoenix involved too much of the marvel universe and i don’t like that but thankfully this is just about the X-men.

This could be considered a relaunch of sorts, After a lot of events and some really big deaths in the x-men universe we see the return of fan favourite Kitty Pryde, She is going to teach at the Xavier institute, Cyclops is getting the family back together and trying to show them all in the a more positive light, Kitty is not the only new addition to the x-men though, You have Emma Frost and they bring back another fan favourite but I cant reveal that because that would be considered a spoiler but let me just say they are awesome and you will like it. The X-men’s attempts at a new image is not going to be easy though because once again a cure has been discovered, Personally i like the cure story but beasts desire for it always seems one dimensional to me, Its exists only to add conflict into the X-men and add a bit of depth to Beast. Shield also turns up but i think this is just a set up for the next event and i found this idea boring, i said it before and I’ll say it again, I just want an X-men story.

The art is good but when ever the artist does close up shots the characters just look dead, A bit like someone doing their first porno, Its a solid looking book but there are moments were I had to do a double take and wonder what the hell was going on, Most notably with nick fury and guns Cassaday can not draw nick but its wasn’t that bad that it distracted me from the story, I still enjoyed it.

In conclusion, I enjoyed the start of this story but I couldn’t help but think that this was leading to the next event in the Marvel universe, I enjoyed the re-emergence of the X-men and the cure storyline, I enjoyed the return of Kitty which is a character I knew nothing off prior to reading this book, Shield entering the fray just roots it in the larger marvel universe and the next big crossover event, Personally I hate the crossover nature of comics and I would have preferred an X-men only story but that’s just a personally thing because honestly I did enjoy this book, The art was ok, Nothing special but not that bad either, I’ve seen a lot worse. This book i think could serve as a very good jumping on point for anyone looking to get into the x-men and can be considered a good read for those already familiar with the characters.


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