So Facebook has just announced a new platform that will be exclusive to android, Facebook are turning the android phone into a simple social network device, This is interesting because Facebook has never been all that interested in Android until now, Iphone has always gotten things first and i personally think this could be huge, Facebook is currently the worlds most visited webpage and a service that millions rely on every single day and its platform of choice is Android, This could be huge and  I think the platform war may have just been decided.

“How can we make this easier? Instead of our phones being designed around apps first, what if we flip that around? What if our phones were designed around people first?”

That’s a quote of Zuckerberg and it goes someway to explaining what this is all about, They want deep access to your phone rather than just the app information, Something tells me this is more about the information on your phone than getting more people on facebook, When will these guys stop trying to get more information out of me, I guess when your business is information then you’ll always need to get more. 

They are looking to make android a more personal experience and they are calling it home, This involves putting a skin on top of android while not forking it, My question though, Is why android? Why not windows phone seen Facebook is partly own by Microsoft. Now i could go into the features but i don’t think i have time and honestly i’m lazy, Also i found this to be very bland. So i’m just gonna post a video below that should go through them all for you all. .

This is nothing surprising or interesting in my opinion, This is all things that we have seen before but i’m glad to see Facebook taking on Google plus in this arena, Which has had all these features for quite a while on android with Google plus. This is nothing new though from Facebook and if i’m honest i don’t think I’m ready to give them complete control over my android phone, I like facebook about as much as the next guy (which is to say not very much) but there is certain information that im not quite interested in facebook knowing, In all honesty i have things on my phone that i dont want my friends knowing and the idea of Facebook knowing this is scary, Thankfully this update is optional so that will at least please the security folks. They also announced a rather unimpressive phone, No real specs have been announced yet but there is a first impressions video below.

I think many of you may not be aware of this but Facebook phones have existed for a long time, The  Htc cha cha comes to mind but that was nothing more than a qwerty keyboard touting candy bar phone with an additional Facebook button that would enable you to easily share things,  This was a rather unspectacular phone by modern standards and even the standards of the day. This was not Facebook’s only foray into this area though because in many developing areas of the world Facebook will subsidise your phone contract as long as your willing to live in a Facebook only world, something I think they are trying to bring to western audiences, This is off course a good thing for these developing countries but these phones are not top of the range but I think anything to help poorer nations get on-line is a good thing, Facebook also get the added benefit of a healthy bottom line as well.

So what did you all think of the announcement? are you that much a Facebook addict that this is the phone for you? As you can properly tell I was very underwhelmed and didn’t think this was anything special or new and judging from the coverage it getting on the blog’s I think many agree with me.

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