17/03/12 Shatner Rules: Your Key to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World at Large

To say William Shatner has had a long and varied career would not be doing the man justice, Especially if the subject of this book is anything to go by. Many of us will know him only as captain kirk from star trek but what this book taught me was is that unlike his star trek co-stars Shatner has never stopped working and at 80 that’s some feat. This is Shatners second autobiography and it follows on from “Up til now” (something i have yet to read but intend to), This book covers shatners career from Comedy central’s a roast of Shatner, to his music career and culminates in bill contemplating his own mortality.

This books gives bill the chance to defend himself and attack many of his loudest critics and bill even chooses to explain some of his more interesting career choices, With the simple credence of just say yes to life, A noble sentiment I’m sure you’ll agree. He also looks at his musical career and a disastrous 1960’s film that was filmed completely in Esperanto, did you know that Shatner could speak Esperanto because i never. Shatner is surprisingly honest in this book, He admits that his musical careers is seen by many as a joke, I would happily admit to being one of those and sadly Shatner did not convince me otherwise in the course of this book. While I’m not the biggest fan of his music i did  find it fascinating learning about how his musical career came to be but i will leave that for you to find out.

This book is punctuated with Shatner rules and short little quips by the man himself, This book teaches you how you too could be Shatner, If that’s something you wish to do.I enjoyed this book, I found this book fun and interesting. I picked up the audio book and i have to say that Shatner just makes it, His wit and intelligence just seep off every page of this book and i would highly recommend it for fan and non fan alike.


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