Modern media lies and no one is shocked.

So this story has been doing the rounds recently, The story of the girl who got the boob job on the NHS for free, Well I’m all about cutting through the media bullshit. This girl was born with a rare condition which meant that she couldn’t grow breast naturally, This was unfortunate but luckily for her she was born in a country that likes to look after its people and was given a boob job so that she would fit in with those around her and have a semi normal life, That sound nice doesn’t it? How does this jumped up whore repay the NHS? ( I apologise for using that word, I wouldn’t normally lower myself to such a word but honestly I couldn’t find a word that best expressed my displeasure) She runs to the sun and tells them all about it but that story didn’t quite fit into what the sun is all about so they changed it and she did nothing, She allowed this lie to be plastered all over the papers and Facebook, Even going so far as to name her official Facebook page “the girl who got the free NHS boob job” (I would link to it but i don’t think this person deserves it), The more shocking thing though is the general public’s reaction, This girl has been cheered and celebrated by them because of her amazing tits, I guess it true what they say “nothing moves carts better than tits”, This is a wonderful lesson were teaching kids isn’t it, It doesn’t matter who you are because people will always forgive you if you have massive tits that you willing to show off. This girl bot is and represents everything that is wrong with modern day society and quite frankly if she was hit by a bus I’d properly cheer.

Don’t buy the sun


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