Please tell me i’m not the only one who’s noticed that everyone of these is absolute bullshit, Please tell me that people don’t just believe these lies about Einstein.

1. Einstein had mastered calculus by 15

2. Graduated high school, Although a Jewish boy who questioned all authority was never going to amount to anything in Hitlers Germany. 

3. Left his patent job

4. Fled Germany – His family were quite wealthy, Hence the private catholic school education

5. Ok, i’ll give you this one but then who hasn’t lost there luggage in an airport or two.

6. Ok, great, I was walked into a lamppost does this make me any less intelligent?

7. After extensive googling i cant find evidence of this but truth be told the picture just left of the text proves that he wasn’t.

8. Aren’t movies real life? i mean they capture something that happened in real life so by definition they are, although in the 1930’s he was definitely not alone in this assessment.

9. False Einstein had 7 jumpers and 7 pairs of pants, They were all identical. he claimed that “my mind has more important things to occupy it than what to wear in the morning”.

10. He had a crazy sex life including many passionate affairs with many of his students.

11. who hasn’t? its fun

12. he died, wow. Everyone does retard.

Why do people insist on believing this stuff, I’m going to be the one to tell you, Einstein was brilliant and trying to belittle and undermine his achievements does not make your pitiful life any more complete.


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