The avengers movie review

so here it is. a little late I know but I don’t really like to sit in a crowded cinema and I’m pretty much willing to wait for anything to save the sweat box that is the cinema on opening weekend. So after what can only be described as the longest build up to a film we finally get the avengers. Now I’m the first to admit that my knowledge of the marvel universe is lacking and I’m more of a dc justice league kinda guy. So my knowledge of the marvel universe comes from the old cartoons from my childhood and off course the recent movies that lead up to the avengers. Naturally the geek in me went to see five out of the six prequels to the avengers in the pictures. I saw the original hulk movie and ive never left a movie so angry in my life but I persevered with the other marvel movies. So after that I watched the two iron man movies, first one loved second one was ok. I watched both captain america and the thor movies in the pictures and enjoyed them both with the latter being my favourite of the prequels to the avengers movies. Finally I watched the edward norton hulk just prior to the avengers movie coming out. I think its fair to say that I was more than prepared for this movie. so here comes my review a bit late but I dont care this is my blog not yours.

I’m going to start by saying that this film delivered for me and was everything that I was hoping it would be and I was hoping that it would be something amazing. This film was pretty good and if you can handle a pretty throw away story then this is a great saturday afternoon film for you. It requires very little little effort on your behalf to watch but is very enjoyable and will leave you with a huge smile on your face. The basic story is that loki is planning on invading earth and having the whole human race bow down to him. This is basically a story to bring all these hereos together in to one big cavalcade of awesomeness. What follows is all these characters coming together from the previous movies because this threat is too great for any of them to deal with alone. something they make a point of showing right at the end of this movies just to get the point together. After this idea has been established the film gets down to what it does best which is lots of action and explosions all brought together by a very good cast.

The avengers concentrates mostly on hawkeye and black widow as these were the only characters not to have their own movie this makes a lot of sense but I’m not a fan of what they did to hawkeye. When I was a kid I loved the old iron man series and hawkeye was my favourite character, he was the badass who wasn’t afraid of anyone and in the avengers I didnt really get a sense of that awesomeness until right at the end. A lot of his time on screen was very much throw away for me because he did very little talking and was more of a soldier just following orders. Black widow got a lot more screen time than hawkeye and I think the writer was trying to prove that she wasn’t just there because she had tits and I’m glad to say that joss got her perfect, I love the way joss wrights women their strong independent and can kick a hell of a lot of arse while still maintaining a full head of hair. He started this trend with buffy and I’m glad to say that he has continued it in avengers.

Iron man unlike many of the other characters in this movie with the exception of the hulk has had two movies so his character has been quite well defined and this is very much on show in avengers. There was a danger with this movie was that iron man could steal the limelight from the other avengers but every character got the screen time they needed. This was the character that we have all come to love in the last two films, cocky, smart and an all round badass and I loved him. I also loved the dynamic between him and the hulk who for me was the star of the show but more on that in a bit.

So as you know marvel studios made a film for each characters and the most recent of these film was for captain america and thor. These films in many ways were the direct prequels for the avengers movie and character suffers so much for it. Captain america was the real heart of this film, his shock and awe pretty much summed up how everyone in the audience felt. Thor on the other hand I felt was very much hampered in this film, for me alls he seemed to do was fight with everyone and by the end of the film I just got the sense that they werent really trying but that may have something to do with the closeness of the thor and avengers movies. His dynamic with loki though was by far the highlight of the film for me but this is more down to loki who has one of these moments with every character. The acting for loki was brilliant and you really get the sense that he is a true comic book hero in that he would kill his own mother if pushed enough. I would just like to point out that loki has indeed tried to kill his own mother in the comics on more than occassions.

Finally we come to the true star of this movie and that was the hulk, this is the film that finally redeemed the hulk in my eyes after the two previous lackluster films. This was very much the hulk from my childhood. Crazy, angry, unstoppable but on the inside he’s a big softy with a lot of love to give. He gets all the best laughs, all the best moments many of which have gone viral on the internet most notable is the moment when he beats up loki. This film is worth seeing just for the hulk alone but he is not by far the only good thing in the avengers. Its just one of the many things that makes this film good.

When you have a movie with this many characters its kind of hard for anyone but the most well known members of the ensemble to get much airtime but this film does the balancing act very well. You get a clear sense of what each character can do and a general idea of what each character is about. You could theoretically go and see this film without seeing any of the others and still know whats going on. This is down in no small way to josh weadons writes because lets be honest he is very used to doing ensemble casts. This coupled with josh’s love of the comic books makes this a comic book movie done correctly. Throughout this film you get a real sense that this is a family like situation with everyone secretly hating each but also respecting all at the same time. Weadon also couples much of the danger of this film with a great sense of humor, most of the laughs come from hulk who steals the show but those jokey moments really help with the enjoyment of this movie.

I could talk about this film all day, I have actually gone to see it twice now and I’m glad that comic book movies are no longer the dregs of society. The story is not much to write home about its your usual alien invasion story with these heroes being the ones to stop it, there are huge gaping plots holes but lets be honest this is just a fun movie and anyone who sees it as any different is over thinking it. If you want serious there are plenty of other movies for you to watch. This being an big action movie we must take a look at the cgi graphics of this film which are quiet frankly stunning especially the hulk who previous work was very shoddy to say the least. There is a lot I can say about this film but the only thing you need to know is that ive seen it twice and i’ll proberly go and see it for a third time its just that good.



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