Wreck it Ralph review

So I’ve finally hit the the age of no return, The age were kids can officially not get my references and I’m no longer deemed hip or cool, to be honest though i was never considered hip or cool in the first place but i like to kid myself from time to time. So what brought on this sad state of affairs, Well it was the release of the movie Wreck it Ralph, When i watched this film I was happy to see so much of my childhood on the screen but i couldn’t of been sadder when the children in the theatre were like daddy who’s that? Do you know him? This must have been exactly what my father felt when he was trying to explain vinyl to me.

The story of Wreck it Ralph was a surprisingly complex affair, I found the basic story to be someone going through a mid life crisis and wanting to change his life, He’s in the same dead end job he’s been in for the the last 30 years, He lives alone, Sleeps alone and none of his peers respect or understand him. So after one fight too many he goes off to prove everyone wrong, For Wreck it Ralph who is the bad guy of his game this involves going out and winning a medal so that he can move to the top of the tower and live with the other of his game, If your not understanding the premise i assure you that it makes complete sense when you go and watch this film. So in his search he must venture out into arcade land in search of a medal, This naturally leads him from game to game until he meets a little girl in sugar rush who also has something she wants to do, She wants so badly to race and to win and so an alliance is formed were by she races with the help of Ralph and he is in return get the winning medal as a thank you. The kicker is that Vanellope is also an outlaw in her game but with Ralph’s help she will prove herself, These two characters come together and a lasting friendship is born. Now I’m not trying to ruin this for anyone so I’m trying to keep details a secret but i will tell you that this bond was produced the first moment which I cried during this film, They have a wonderfully touching moment in this film about 2/3 of the way through and i cried like a big baby, The last two moments I cried came towards the end but i cant reveal them because then i spoil the story, Alls i can say about this part is that it spoke to me on an emotional level, I have not cried like that at a cartoon since Up but unlike Up these were not tears of sadness but of sheer joy and happiness.

The story was not the only part of this film I enjoyed, I’ve never watched the background so much in all my life. I wanted to see all the cameos from that i remember from my childhood, There was bowser, Sonic, Space invaders and even Pacman, They even took the time to reference all the serious shooters and over the top killing that has come to plague the gaming industry with a simple throw away line “what happened to all the fun games”, I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment. This is a game that not only pays homage to what its representing but also speaks to the generation from which it came. I loved everything about this film and this review has become so gushing that i may as well just stop it here but first i want to talk about the casting, It was perfect. Every character seemed to perfectly represent the actor that was playing them especially Sarah Silverman as Vanellope, There something about Sarah that sums up child like innocence but with a Sassy kick you arse attitude that was perfect for Vanellope, Not to mention sue lynch as the hard nosed marine and John C Reilly as the lovable oath that was Ralph. In case you haven’t noticed I’m trying to control my excitement for this film but honestly i could keep going on and on about it for days.

Ok, I suppose i best stop gushing about this film and say a few contrary points, the story was a little convoluted at times and there was er, Ok that was it. i in no way think this was a perfect film far from it but an enjoyable film it certainly was, I left the cinema with a wide smile that stayed with me, I don’t know why but this film seemed to speak to me on all levels and you should all most definitely go and see it, if you grew up an a snes or a genesis then this film is for you, if you never then some of the reference may go over your head but like i said its still very much enjoyable. the story, The cameo and the pitch perfect casting make this a must for anyone in their 20’s or older who remembers the days when a fat plumber could get the princess.



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