The Ouya to support emulation at launch

So I’m very excited about the concept of the Ouya and have been following it quite closely since it was announced on kickstarter. They recently just announced the launch date for this console and if your reading those blogs that cover this sort of thing then the Ouya is everywhere, With first impressions, game reviews and everything in between. As i said in my last piece about the Ouya,  The biggest challenge facing the new console is games, A console will live and die based on the games available, The gaming industry is literally littered with the bodies of consoles that failed and they failed for one reason and one reason alone, The lack of games.

How often have you gone out and bought a console just to play a game? Speaking from personal experience I have bought every Nintendo handheld for Pokemon, I bought a Xbox for halo and I bought a Ps2 for Metal Gear Solid 2, These consoles were from existing players in the market and most of those that failed came from new upstarts and failed within a year, So if your Ouya and you want to be a success, What do you do? Well like everything else about the Ouya, You think out side the box. Ouya in an effort to bolster its lacklustre launch titles has announced that the concole will come bundled with emulators, There is nothing wrong with this but its a very grey area in the gaming industry even if there is nothing illegal about it, As long as you the user owns all the original games on that particular console they are free to emulate to their hearts consent.

Ouya will launch with NES, SNES, and Nintendo64 emulators available (hat tip to TechCrunch). NES emulation will be provided by EMUya, SNES emulation will be via SuperGNES, and N64 emulation will be via Mupen64Plus. This is completely sanctioned by Ouya and will require no special hacking from user at home. This means that the ouya will have its own games at launch and many of our favourite titles from our childhood. Personally I hope this console succeeds because Nintendo needs a massive kick up the arse to get them into digital, Honestly I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I want to play these old games and im even willing to pay for them if only Nintendo would let me, I hope this will prove to be Nintendo’s Napster moment.

Do you think emulation will make you more likely to buy this console?
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