Why bowser is the ultimate villian


Bowser is the most well known villain on this list, He holds a special place in many peoples hearts, We all know that he kidnaps the princess, She has another one of his kids and then mario rescues her, Leaving him to look after the kids but there is so much more to him than that. For many of us this was our first bad guy, This is many peoples first final boss and what a final satisfying boss he was. I remember as a child getting all the way through super mario 3 reaching him and final beating him, It was one of the proudest moments of my childhood, I would repeat this process is super mario land and after completing that game i felt a genuine sense of accomplishment, This is just not a feeling i get from games anymore. This game holds such a special place in my heart that i complete it at least once a year just to remind myself why i still play games in a world of endless cod clones and complete lack of fun. Bowser also deserves to be on this list because he’s also a positive role model to fathers, When he tries to defeat mario he always brings his children, Who else can say that in this list? These are not bowsers only accomplishment though because unlike many villains on this list he also not a one trick pony, he keeps trying again and again. so lets look at what bowser teaches children:


  1. He has many different devices and traps that he uses against mario, He teaches them that  if your first idea fails don’t be afraid to try again.

To never give up

  1. Bowser never gives up on his pursuit of the princess, Game after game he comes back to get the princess.

He’s a family man

  1. He regularly involves his children in all aspects of his life, This is made especially hard by the fact that he is a single dad.


  1. What’s so unique about bowser in this list is that he shares what he has equally with his family, Just look at mario land three, You have 8 worlds all with equal land and equal number of soldiers, each of his sons is given one showing he loves all his sons equally.

To always try

  1. This is the most important one i think for Bowser, Bowser is a big turtle, He’s not very nimble, He’s slow, We’ve learnt all this through countless games but what i love most about bowser is his willingness to try. Time and time again we will see him go up against his far fitter rivals in golf, tennis and go karting and we all know that he does horribly but he tries.

He’s a good sport

  1. Now look at that earlier point, How does bowser respond to losing, Does he scream? Shout? Throw a tantrum? No. He cheers for the victor like a good sport because he’s happy to just be apart of something, He also bring his children along, Bowser truly is the ultimate father of gaming.

That folks is why Bowser is my greatest villain because underneath that hard shell he’s just a nice guy who’s trying to spend time with his family, He’s just a guy that’s trying to get the mother of his kids involved in their life and what happens? The mother’s other exotic italian man keeps ruining it and breaking up there beautiful home. Bowser is the not only the ultimate villain he’s also a person we should all try and emulate but more importantly i think bowser reminds us all why we play games, he reminds us of a simpler time when games were fun and you felt a real  sense of accomplishment upon completion.

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