99 Reasons to Hate Cats – The review

So I downloaded this on a whim today thanks to a recommendation from my book club, Its free on kindle so I really had nothing to lose. This is simply a book of images and captions about life with kittens, Although this book was is a long series of complaints about cats the things is the author never gets rid of them, His jokes and annoyances are delivered with a level of charm that cant help but be admired, you get the sense that although these animals are the bane of his life he loves them dearly. 

There is no real story but here are some of my personal highlights:

Reason 24 1AM fighting

Reason 26 4AM fighting

Reason 40 loud eating

Reason 41 even louder mating

The art style is very simple but to be honest for what this book is it was perfect, I got the message loud and clear. This proved to be rather more enjoyable than I could have imagined, It explores the love hate relationship with your cat, This book although about cats perfectly summed up my own relationship with children. If I had one complaint it would be that this book could easily be read in a day but it was free so cant really say anything. Give this book a try i found it very enjoyable indeed.


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