A post about rape.

So I saw someone making light of this issue on Facebook and I recorded retorted with these words, I spoke with a clarity and precision that I don’t normally obtain, This is a subject I feel very strongly about as I feel blaming the victim of rape not only damages legitimate rape cases but also damages the male ego, What with the current idea to absolve the man of responsibility, Do we do that for murders? For thieves? no then why do we do it for men who rape? Under the current system men are absolved because its assumed that a man cant control his baser instincts, Well I can say that in my 26 years i have never raped anyone, I have never thought of raping anyone even when they are wearing very little clothing because I’m not a fucking animal. See kids rape culture is bad for both women and and men. so the story below is the one that got me all riled up and it was also the one that someone was joking about, underneath is my rebuttal to it, I thought I’d post it on her because I’m trying to write something everyday and this kinda lets me cheat.


These boys take a passed-out girl from party to party and repeatably rape her, Not only that but they video it, Take photos and share those photos to Facebook for the whole world to bask in their glory and how does america react? They celebrate the rapists, They talk of youthful foolishness, Of aspiring careers ended, They talk of a clearly drunk girl and the troubled childhoods, Of there crocodile tears in the courtroom but they never actually say anything against these boy instead they send this girl death threats because she dared to say I matter.

She is the real hero of this story, She had the courage to own up to this tragedy and report it when everyone turned their back on her she stood up and said this mattered and I matter. Those of you say rape is the victims fault or that she deserved this because she was drunk, Or because she was wearing a short skirt or even worse say that rape culture is fiction are fucking moronic idiots and quite frankly i want you the fuck out of my life.

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