Digimon episode 1 – And so it begins

So it begins, The climate is going haywire all across the world, Rain forests are very dry, which is bad because if it doesn’t rain in them then they cant be called rain forests and that will mean reprinting all those books, maps and reeducating children which takes a lot of time and effort, The rain forests are not the only place to be affected though because places that are normally hot are now cold and people are having to wear multiple layers in the summer, further confusing people because what up is down and whats should be hot is now cold but all this is unknown to are main protagonists who are away at summer camp, A strange thing Americans do, This idea of sending their children off into the wilderness so they don’t have to spend time with them, and people wonder why america has so many social problems. So in this episode we join 7 children at summer camp who are completely unaware of all the problems plaguing the outside world, Typical children, Never paying any attention. Well that is all about to change because these kids are soon to be sucked into a strange world which will change them in every way possible.

This is your standard opening episode, You meet the main characters and you get a glimpse of the world they inhabit. This does a rather good job at giving you a brief introduction to the characters but doesn’t dwell on them too much, You get all you need to know within the first 5 minutes, Thai is the leader, Matt is the over protective brother and Izzy is the computer nerd, These to name just a few but these character will be in the spotlight for the first 3 episodes so it makes sense that they would be the most fleshed out this early. So where were we? oh yes these kids are at summer camp when a blizzard hits, Followed by the northern lights and then they are sucked into the digital world, They then meet their digital monsters and they must grow to defeat an enemy.  i think you might notice though from my brief summary of the episode that this is very Japanese and i love it for it.

Overall this did a very good job at setting the stage for this series, It told you everything you need to know, You got a sense of what Digimon were, An idea of the digital world and the fact that Digimon can evolve and change, Something very important for the toy sales i’m sure. This episode choose to focus on 2 main characters but that’s not a bad thing in my opinion, If they would have tried to explain the other characters in any detail we would have known very little and the episode would have suffered as a result. As it stands this is a perfect opening episode to a series and i hope you will join me on the journey through the next 51.

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