One of my favourite simpsons moments

Is the Simpsons having an anniversary or something? I’m seeing it every where. I’m liking it but unfortunately its reminding me of how amazing this show used to be and how far it has drifted from those once great roots.

This is one of those classic Simpsons moments that remind me of how amazing this show used to be, I never understood this as a child but as I got older this scene grew to have more and more importance for me. Damn now i want to watch series one. I will admit that reading this back i did cry, Its episodes like this that keep this show on the air, They will show this one and a new one right after it and people assume that these are part of the same series when in fact they couldn’t be further apart. i really miss what the Simpson’s used to be and what it used to mean to me and my family.

I think I might do my top 10 Simpsons moments in the near future.


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