Samsung S4 software and accessories.

So Samsung had this whole thing recently in america and apparently they launched the new jesus phone, Well being from England made my whole waiting up to watch it live thing kinda hard, seen as it was streamed during the early hours of the morning. so what was I to do? Seeing as this event was apparently vital to my continued geek creed I did what every good geek would do, I read a chapter of a book and went to sleep knowing I would get all the necessary information from many sources the next day, This proved to be a completely accurate because this phone has reached apple levels of hype and if I’m truly honest the Samsung galaxy S4 its nothing special, In my opinion its a big pile of meh. You say you want a revolution well this isn’t the phone for you, This is certainly more evolution than revolution. so lets get right into this crazy thing and we’ll start by giving you a nice overview of the software.

The new Galaxy will be running jelly bean which I assume you know is the latest version of the Android operating system, This is unsurprising considering this is the latest piece of hardware but the things that upsets me though is that jelly bean is almost a year old, Which means that it takes Samsung a year to adapt their software to their phones. This phone is already of date by the time its released because the next iteration of Android is due to be released in May, On top of that they also choose to skin their phones with that ugly piece of bloatware that they call Touchwiz. Although i don’t like Touchwiz its not that bad of an interface and is no were near as bad as the things they added to make this phone edgy.

Samsung has added many pointless add-ons to android to make them stand out from the crowd, This is literally a phone that will watch you like a creepy stalker, Below i’m going to list them because that’s easier than trying to write a paragraph and making them seem credible.

  • Smart pause feature
    • This means that the front facing camera will watch you and if you look away it will pause the video, an interesting idea but a bit gimmicky
  • Smart scroll
    • The phone will scroll through a page depending on how you tilt the phone
  • Samsung fitness
    • This is an app that will track your fitness and calorie intake, think of Nike+  but for your Samsung.

Samsung fitness will be able to talk to some pretty impressive accessories and they claim this is their answer to the Nike+ plus. so lets look at those accessories.

Its a scale, Do I really have to explain how it works? This will basically track your weight send it to your phone and will show your weight loss in a nice handy graph. Nothing special or new but may be just what those January warriors are looking for.

This is the new fuel band, It will track your run, Your speed and your distance etc. If you know what a fuel band is you know what this does.

So what’s the point of tracking all these stats if your not also racking you heart beat? This lets you do it because apparently maintaining a steady heartbeat is the easiest way to lose weight.

So there you have it, The full skinny on the Samsung galaxy. I was very underwhelmed by this phone, For the first time in many years I think Samsung have faltered and under delivered. I think Samsung know this as well because they are hiding behind gimmicks that the majority of their user base wont use. What did you all think of the new phone?


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