An adventure in pokemon

So I came to a startling revelation the other day, the first is that I’m getting old and the second is that I have been playing Pokemon blue for nearly 12 years, Think about that for a second I’ve been playing Pokemon for longer than some of you have been alive. Hell I’ve been playing Pokemon for 3 times longer than my niece has been alive. Now what’s the point in all this ranting about getting old? Well getting old sucks, What with all the back pain and going to the toilet more frequently you also become very predictable.

So as always i have taken a hundred words to say something very simple, The other day i turned on my Gameboy to play some Pokemon Blue and apart from realizing that I’m fucking old, I came to a more shocking discovery I have not only been playing Pokemon for 12 years but I have been playing it the same way for 12 years, The same routes the same Pokemon etc. So i have decided to do set myself a challenge, I will play through Pokemon blue again but with some self imposed rules placed upon myself.

Firstly I cant use the following Pokemon:












No rare candy cheats, so i will have to complete the game the way developer had envisioned.


There will be no changing of Pokemon during a battle, so my style will be set to “set”.

So seen as I’m using some interesting Pokemon and trying to play this game in a new way, Who do you all think i should have in my top six ? The weirder the better if I’m honest, I’m thinking of a Farfetchd for example.


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