Die hard a good day to die, the good the bad and the ugly

So I just came back from watching the latest die hard film and alls i’m going to say is its not as good as the previous ones. So here are a few bullet points about the film.

The good

  • The woman in the story is more than a piece of ass she’s an actual character.
  • The Russian’s actually spoke Russian
  • Lots of explosions
  • The femme fatale

The Bad

  • Bruce is not as funny as they think he is
  • There is absolutely no chemistry between Bruce and his son
  • The obnoxious Mercedes benz adverts everywhere
  • Jon Maclaines daughter kept her top on
  • The Russians only spoke Russian when they weren’t doing exposition
  • The convienently placed ramps
  • The hokey dialogue
  • The random topless guy
  • The fact that they don’t use missiles event though they have access to them
  • The bad guy calls someone at the exact moment that he’s killed 
  • The 12A rating, shows lack a of faith in the film
  • The bad guy dances rather than killing John dus allowing him enough time to escape
  • Bad CGI 
  • The bad guy is not the real bad guy plot
  • The bad guys die off one bullet but John’s is indestructible

The ugly

  • This franchise used to be good 
  • They have all these resources but couldn’t get a helicopter together
  • The running through the hotel … enough said
  • There are alot of american cars in Moscow
  • You never see any visual clues that they are in Moscow
  • The fact that John knows that little about his son
  • He never says yippe kay aye mother fucker … come on

So there it is. I would write a full review but i think that will say everything I need to in a nice easy to understand format. don’t watch this film.


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