justice league #1 the new 52 – review

So you will notice a bit of pattern recently in relation to my blog and that is a lot of comic reviews, That’s because I’m now unemployed and desperately looking for something to do and I thought that the best thing I could possibly do would be  blog and review the things lining my many selves and since I have been neck deep in the new 52 since its launch I guess that’s as a good a place to start than any. I love the new characters and the re imagining of the old ones and most surprisingly I like the new superman and wonder woman something I never thought could happen. This is my first experience with the justice league and I was a little disappointed because it was kinda slow and brought in one of my least favorite characters in cyborg but this is only a first issue and obviously it has a lot of story to establish. The story is also a bit lazy in that its just a rehash of the alien invasion paradigm that we’ve read so many times before but more on that in the future reviews.

The story is your typical coming together story but surprisingly with the exception of a few bits about cyborg (a character I don’t like and frankly don’t understand why they have raised him up to the level they have when there are far more interesting characters in the dc universe), because personally I don’t think he’s big enough for the justice league, I would have preferred a character like Green Arrow, Hawkman or Booster Gold because I think they could introduce a bit of conflict into the story a thing which I think is vital in a good justice league story,  At the moment its coming from Green Lantern and batman but eventually they will grow to love each other because that what’s always happens and in the continuity of Batman and Green Lantern they have shown this to be the case, They are the only two books as far as I’m aware that have kept there continuity intact. Despite the introduction of cyborg this story focuses on three core characters of Superman, Batman and Green Lantern. Although superman does appear in this story its not until the very end, The surprising thing about this story is that for the most part its just Green Lantern and Batman fighting with each other but this isn’t a bad thing because this is the green lantern I love to read he’s arrogant and quite dismisses of batman because batman has no super powers and he has the powers of a god thanks to his ring, (i’m not surprised though that Johns has gotten this character right because he’s been writing Green Lantern for so long that i think he could do it in his sleep). He’s also a massive show off in the form of flying jets across the sky in the search of superman and constantly glowing bright green when ever he is a round batman, a man we know to live predominately in the shadows, this coupled with the fact in this world super heroes aren’t as openly accepted as they were before. On the surface though you cant help but notice that this book is nothing more than a vehicle to get Batman, Superman and Green Lantern into one place so that they can eventually fight put aside their differences and take on the much bigger enemy that is threatening the the planet, A story I’ve read again and again, hell I’ve even seen the television series about it.

There was a lot of talk about Jim Lee before this book came out about how amazing he is and how amazing the art will be and if im truly honest I found it to be very passable, Not the best but no means the worst. Naturally my complaints have noting to do with the art its self but just with the way it depicts some of the characters, I don’t like the way batman is drew in this book he looks too buff, I always like my batman to look a bit more human and not like superman in a bat costume but apart from that the character stuff was ok and if i have to say something specific about the art i can say this is the best I’ve ever seen superman looking, a bit of a controversial statement because people are not very happy about the Armour but i find it interesting and far more realistic and i think the new 52 might be the first instance in which i like superman in comic form.

In conclusion although very little happen in this story you have to take it for what it is and that a set up episode,If this was a television series this would be episode 23 of a 24  season, lots of talking and setting up but with a massive climax that will lead into something great or at least that what im telling myself. tune in tomorrow to see if im disappointed.



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