A rant about the holocaust

So this was widely reported in the news yesterday and upon seeing the news i wrote a little rant that i thought you all might enjoy.


Interesting, i knew those killed in the camps was close to 11 million, that’s 6 millions Jews and 5 million other political opponents but now this? honestly i can believe this as there has been a huge disconnect about the true extent of the holocaust for many years. Were allowed to talk about the 6 million Jewish deaths but try to mention the homosexuals, Russian prisoners of war or the disabled and people look at you with a confused look on their faces. Not to mention the millions of people from Ukraine, Poland and the rest of the Baltic states that go completely ignored by mass media, These people were killed without discrimination and buried in mass graves but because they weren’t killed in Auschwitz their deaths means less. Many believe that the holocaust was purely about the destruction of the Jews but it was about so much more than that, history is written by the victors as they say but very often history is written to help fuel a political idea and is used purely as a source of mass propaganda, the history of victory will very often ignore true facts because it focuses on one side of the story and only through looking at a problem from all angles can we truly start to understand the true impact, repercussions of any event, weather that be the holocaust or any other atrocity committed in the name of one group of people. He who controls history controls life, He who controls information controls you.

This news is not that surprising, The thing that is most disgusting about the holocaust is how much the western powers knew and were unwilling to stop it and in many way were complicate in the actions of the Nazi’s. the thing that really shocks me about this though is that although this is considered one of the worse moments in human history, 65/70 years later we still don’t know the true extent of the horrors committed and i have to ask my self why? Why is this information being kept from us? why are the politicians drip feeding us this information in the hope that we wont notice?

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