Elementary episode one the review

American television has a history of taking classical stories and giving them a sexy modern re imagining and this year a new show was released to the American audience in elementary. This is a show based on that British classic Sherlock Holmes only set in America with sexy new people in the guise of Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Lui. Making Watson a woman is the first major departure from the Sherlock mythos in this series and its clear that the producers are planning on eventually getting Sherlock and Watson together, Personal I find that last statement offensive.

The story of this episode is your standard who did it, This is the same story that we have seen a thousands times before and alls I have to say is that it was very meh. There was none of the nuance or complexity that we have come to expect from Sherlock Holmes, In fact in this episode its Watson that ends up noticing the vital clue that would solve the case, In my eyes this is completely out of character and in some ways ends up diminishing the idea that Sherlock is meant to be this all seeing genius, A genius can we can’t comprehend and can only behold and stare at in wonder. This is the way the books are written, this is the way the BBC television series of Sherlock is written, A series I must point out that respects its source material and makes this looks like the Chinese counterfeit that it is. Like I said previously there is a undercurrent of sex in this episode, This episode starts with johnny topless showing off his awesome bod complete with bad boy tattoos and a bad boy attitude to match. This is followed by a look into Sherlock’s sex dungeon and Sherlock justifying why he has sex, This is another massive departure from the original source material because to be honest the idea of Sherlock loving or engaging in any type of physical intimacy with an other human being is completely against what Sherlock is.

Personally I think this screams of something that was designed by a group of old men in a board room in America who have no idea what makes good television or what is a good idea. If you take away the Sherlock Holmes aspect of this show what you have is just another who did it murder mystery and tbh its not a very good one at that, If it was good it wouldn’t need the love story part or Johnny lee Miller being topless in order to grab ratings. When this show was envisioned I can see a bunch of Hollywood types sitting around going “what are the kids into these days?” to which I think he may have gotten the response well this Sherlock thing is doing well and so is csi. So he said is there anyway we can combine these two things into a show and dus elementary was born. This is a massive shame because truth be told I really like both of the actors here and have enjoyed their work previously and its such a shame that they are hampered by such a poor effort. This is one to aboid but I may give it one more episode to see how I truly feel,

here’s an honest piece of advice watch the BBC’s fantastic Sherlock its far more fun and engaging and you wont need a brain haemorrhage to enjoy it.


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